Happy (belated) International Women’s Day!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working alongside our Marketing team preparing for International Women’s Day.  My company develops an annual women in business report, and this year the publication date happened to coincide with this special day.

This by no means makes me an expert in women’s history or women’s issues, and I’m certainly not posting this to incite a heated debate.  If you want to learn more about International Women’s Day, I recommend this Wikipedia page and the official website for #IWD2016.

Honestly, I just want to talk about all the superwomen in my life.  And what better day than one dedicated to women everywhere!

International Women's Day

When I consider the women who’ve had the biggest impact on me, I’m reminded of my mom and my grandmother (my ba).  Talk about bold women! They’ve endured and overcome, fallen and gotten back up, and cried and laughed their way through life.  More than anything, they’ve taught me to never give up hope.  I’m constantly drawing inspiration from these two beautiful goofballs!

That brings me to another favorite woman of mine – my sister!  She’s one of the most fierce, confident, smart, emotionally intelligent, and kind people I know. Even though I’m several years older, I absolutely look up to her and often ask myself, “What would Aekta do?!”

My mother-in-law is another amazing woman who I look up to.  I obviously haven’t known her my entire life, but she still inspires me with her spunky spirit and confidence and belief in herself.

I’m also lucky in the sense that my extended family is full of women who have led the charge when it comes to family, work, and everything in between.  Every single of one my aunts (on both sides) left India not knowing what would be waiting for them upon arriving to the US.  And guess what, they thrived.  They successfully made the most of this new world – working full-time, raising families, etc.

Most of my cousins, like me, are first generation Americans.  While we’re fortunate to have experienced the best of two different cultures, it wasn’t easy being a young Indian girl (and eventually woman).  We were, and to some degree still are, walking a fine line when it came to pretty much everything – friends, college, dating, marriage, careers, etc.  But if you ask me, we’re doing a damn good job.  And some are even raising strong women themselves.

This brings me to my friends.  Again, talk about strong women.  My female friends are a fierce bunch!  Regardless of when and where we met and how long we’ve known each other, each and every one of them inspires me in so many ways.  From being leaders in their professions to raising families and balancing it all, I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many incredible (and supportive) women.

And finally, I can’t end this post without giving a shout out to the supermen in my life, especially my dad and Vishnu.  Their unconditional love and support is the wind beneath my cape!  🙂

Who are the superwomen in your life?

By Parita

4 thoughts on “To All of the Superwomen in My Life”
  1. What a sweet post to read this morning! It’s important to remember all the pillars in your life! They’re the ones who helped get you where you are, and continue to help support! <3 xo

  2. I love this! My grandma is definitely my biggest superwoman. She is the most amazing, kind human being and created such a safe, loving space for me and everyone else in my family growing up. Eternally grateful to and for her. My mom is my best friend and I’m lucky to have two wonderful sisters-in-law and amazing, strong friends both offline and online (that includes you!) who inspire and encourage me daily. What would we do without all the amazing women in our lives?

    1. Your grandma sounds like an amazing woman! Love that you are so close to her!

      I’m very thankful to have met you through the blogging world!

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