There’s no easy way to say this, but I downright failed with my February goals.  My intentions were great, but my execution was way off.  With these goals, I really can’t use any of my usual excuses…it was all me!

But because I am who I am, I’m moving forward and trying again!

With that, here’s how I did with my two February goals

1.  Respond to blog comments in a 48 hour time frame.

When I set this goal in early February, it seemed so doable.  It’s not like I get that many comments!  Somewhere along the line, I dropped the ball, and 48 hours turned into five days.  Even though this won’t be an explicit goal in March, I’m going to try to keep up with it as much as possible.  Like I said, I love it when bloggers take the time to respond to comments and do so in a timely fashion.  I should practice what I preach!

2. Turn off all technology by 9:30 p.m.

Ummm…this flat out didn’t happen.  The reason?  I didn’t try hard enough to fight temptation.  Simple as that.  I’m coupling this with one of my March goals, so hopefully that helps in the follow through department.

Now on to my March goals…

March 2016 Goals

1.  Lights out at 10 pm (Sunday-Thursday)

It’s not secret that I’m a morning person.  Well, since the new year, my mornings have been starting an hour later than usual.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, I like getting up at 5:30 am, working out, doing random stuff around the house, and then starting work and the rest of my day.

Pressing snooze became the default move because I wasn’t going to bed at a reasonable hour.  That’s about to change.  From now on, the lights will be out at 10 pm in the MIS household, and all technology will be turned off at 9:30 so I can have a proper wind down routine.

2. Take my SLR out for a spin at least once during the weekend (four times total)

I’m a very lucky girl.  I was gifted a beautiful SLR camera by my in-laws.  And I don’t use it nearly enough.  So during every weekend in March, I’m going to take my camera out with me at least once and snap lots of pics.

When we move to Chicago, I want to print and frame some of our Florida pictures (Miami + St. Pete) so we have pieces of the Sunshine State with us at all times!

That’s it for my March 2016 goals!  WISH ME LUCK!

Tell me – what are your March goals?

By Parita

16 thoughts on “March 2016 Goals”
  1. Those are some very doable goals Par! I know you can do these!! I love the one about taking more photos with your fancy cam. I don’t use my SLR unless I’m doing a photoshoot, but I should really use it more often if for nothing else, get photos I can print to hang up in our house! My one goal is to read more. I have like four books from the library and I’ve been slacking on the “reading before bed” thing 🙁 Good luck with your goals!

    1. What really helps me is keeping the phone out of the bedroom at night. Takes away the temptation to do one last social media scan!

    1. I find that once I’m in the groove of going to bed early it becomes SO much easier to shut down and go to sleep. I’m ready for bed at 9 pm!

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