February 2016 was an interesting month. Lots of great experiences and moments, but there were a few curve balls as well.

Let’s start with the good – my work trip to Panama, a visit from my parents, a coaching conversation with my friend and life coach Shannon, and a few other things that didn’t make it on MIS.

And the not so good – Vishnu being sick and me hurting my back.  You guys know about Vishnu, but I never mentioned my back pain on MIS. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure what happened, but my best guess is that I strained my flank muscle doing Barre3.  Ironically, it was likely the “easy” 40 minute yoga flow workout that did me in.  I picked this specific video because I wasn’t feeling too great that day and just wanted to move.  Well, the next afternoon (last Thursday), my mid-back start aching.  And by Sunday, I could barely walk.  Everything is (almost) 100% fine now, but for someone who has never hurt herself in that way before, it was so frustrating…and annoying…and painful!

That was our month in nutshell!

To round things out, here are my favorite monthly things.

Par’s Picks – February 2016

Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Suede Splash – For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone.  Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Suede Splash is that color!  It’s a beautiful darker nude with a slight pop of mauve.  And the formula is super creamy and moisturizing.  While this shade will be my go to, I can’t wait to try a few of the other 13 shades in this collection.  LOVE!

Burt's Bees Lipstick in Suede Splash

TUMI Voyageur Q-Tote – Vishnu gifted me this bag for my 31st birthday.  Full disclosure on this pick, it is on the expensive side.  However, it is my absolute favorite work bag to date (10 years to be exact).  It’s durable, stylish, roomy, and comfortable to wear (especially when travelling).  It also fits perfectly under airplane seats!  I know it’s only been a little over a year, but I’m positive this bag will last me for years to come.  If you’re looking for a new work/laptop bag, be sure to at least consider this one.  It’s pretty perfect!

Black TUMI Voyageur Q-Tote

Duolingo – One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t continue studying Spanish in college.  I took AP Spanish in high school, took the exam, got credit, and stopped.  My trip to Panama inspired me to relearn Spanish, and you may remember that upon my return home I declared, “Rosetta Stone, here I come.” Well, I honestly don’t have/am not making time for Rosetta Stone right now.  But what I do have time for is Duolingo, a fun app that I can use randomly throughout the day.  You pick a language, take a placement test (or just start at level 1), and begin your lessons.  I love the approach and how accessible and easy it is to use.  There’s also a gamefication aspect that I have yet to learn.  Highly recommend you check this out if you’re looking to brush up on your language skills!

Duolingo - Spanish

DISCOUNT CODE for Me and a Tree – You guys don’t want to miss this one!  Remember the bug spray that I called magical and pretty much the best thing ever?  Well, Michelle (the owner of the Me and a Tree) was so thankful for my write up that she’s offering MIS readers a 10% discount off their entire order over $35.  The code is BUGME02, and don’t wait too long because this offer expires on March 31!

Me and a Tree Bug Off! Bug Spray

Here is what I know for sure is not the point of life via Clarity on Fire – This post is one I think everyone should read ASAP!  In fact, I was so inspired that I started a list of “things I know for sure aren’t the point of life” and plan to share in an upcoming post.  If nothing else, this will give you some food for thought and a different perspective on the more common question, “What is the point of life?”  One that is much harder to answer.

And there you have it, my February picks.  Thank you for reading!

Did you discover any products this month?

No portion of this post is sponsored.  However, there are Amazon affiliate links included. There is no extra cost to you, but I do receive a small commission on anything you buy through my links.  Thank you for reading and supporting My Inner Shakti!

By Parita

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  1. I’m so glad my post about “what’s NOT the point of life” was so inspiring for you! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your list when you share it soon!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your back! That’s awful, but I’m glad it’s starting to feel better and that Vishnu is on the mend! I really need to use DuoLingo more often, I thought it was so fun when I was trying to learn Portuguese. Have a great weekend Parita!
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