How many times do you head to bed physically exhausted but mentally wide awake?  If you’re like me, it probably happens more often than you’d like to admit.  And when it does, it’s not a fun feeling.  Tossing and turning and willing yourself to just. fall. asleep.  Like most people, I prefer the “head hits pillow, eyes close, sleep ensues” kind of routine.

What if I told you that going from wide awake to sound asleep is only a few deep breaths away?  You probably wouldn’t believe me at first, but after trying my breathing technique, it’d become a part of your bedtime routine.  Trust me!

A breathing technique to help you fall asleep faster

True story – I was in bed the other night playing on my iPhone (I know, I know…), when I happened to look at my alarm clock.  It was closing in on 11 pm (waaaay past my bed time).  I put my phone away, closed my eyes, and waited for deep sleep to hit.  Annnnd…nothing.  The worst part?  Vishnu was passed out.  And that’s when I started breathing deeply in the following way…

Breathe in deeply through your nose to a mental count of four (and by deeply I mean a belly breath).  
Pause for a count of two.
Release the breath through your mouth to a mental count of four.
Pause for a count of two.
Repeat for as long as needed and eventually you will be sleeping like a baby! 

I swear I was asleep in a matter of minutes.  Works every time!

The next time your body is ready to sleep but your mind isn’t, give this technique a try.  And be patient.  Sleep will come, I promise!

Are you an instant sleeper or does it take you a while to fall asleep?

By Parita

8 thoughts on “A Breathing Technique to Help You Fall Asleep Faster”
  1. I’ve heard of this technique and need to remember it on those nights I don’t fall asleep as fast as other nights! I’m usually a pretty quick “go-to-sleep-er” but some nights it’s so hard to fall asleep! I know I sleep WAY better when REB comes to bed with me, but that doesn’t always happen.

    1. I love it when we go to sleep together too, but that only happens about the half the time. It’s so much more comforting!

    1. I have the hardest time getting my mind to turn off! Try this technique…I’m seriously out before I can complete 4 rounds. It’s insane!

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