I’M HOME!  And it feels sooo good!

While Panama was amazing and a lot of fun, I was so ready to come home.  I missed my husband, I missed my bed, I missed my routine!

In true weekend recap style, here’s a little breakdown of my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

FRIDAY (still in Panama)

I woke up around 6:45, changed into my workout gear, and headed to the gym.  After not exercising for four days, I was ready to move!

My team met at 9 am to debrief, discuss next steps, etc.  It was great to hear everyone’s perspectives.  Debriefs should really be baked into everything – work events, life events, everything!

We had a little bit of time between the meeting and dinner, so I hung out with a few of my colleagues in the open air.  We were in conference rooms all week, so it was nice to sit outside!

Around 6 pm, a small group of us met at Ruth’s Chris for drinks and dinner.  It always amazes me that steak houses have delicious vegetarian options.  I had a chopped salad, the asparagus and leek soup, and a few bites of broccoli gratin.  Oh and a Moscow Mule.  Oh and a few bites of the banana cream pie. YUM!

Elephant Piggy Banks

A couple of people on the team gifted me and my colleague Toni these little elephant piggy banks to say thanks for all of our work during the week

I pretty much crashed the second my head hit the pillow (the hotel beds were SO comfy!).

SATURDAY (airports)

My flight wasn’t scheduled to depart until 4:45 pm, so a colleague and I decided to explore the rainforest in the city (Parque Natural Metropolitano).  Well, our plan didn’t go quite the way we anticipated.  Apparently, Panama City was shutting down the water supply between 8 am – 5 pm.  We didn’t want to go hiking, get all sweaty, and not be able to shower before our flights.  So instead we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and some time by the pool.

Even though my flight wasn’t until later, I headed to the airport with my colleague…at 11:30!  This was early, even for me!  But I (eventually) made it to Miami in one piece.  After clearing customs and all that, I still had another two hours until my next flight to Tampa.  SUCH A LONG DAY!

But I made it to Tampa just fine and eventually made it home.  It was so good to see Vishnu (who was half asleep by the time I made it back)!

And yet again, I crashed hard.

SUNDAY (home!)

Vishnu and I were in no hurry to start our day.  In fact, we stayed in bed and talked for a good hour before even attempting to be productive.  And productive in this case meant making a light breakfast, unpacking, and going to a late brunch/lunch.  Ha!

Mochas at Kahwa coffee

Later in the evening, we got ready and headed to a friend’s place to watch the Super Bowl.  The game wasn’t particularly exciting until the 4th quarter, but it was still fun to watch (mainly because of Fantasy Football and knowing what the heck was going on).

Vishnu made his “Doc Guac” for a little guac off with our friend Cara.  There was no conclusive winner but I thought both of them did a great job!

We were exhausted by the time we got home and crashed pretty hard (big surprise)!

Now that I’m back and not travelling again for another six weeks, I’m ready to get back into my routine – regular exercise, healthier foods, and more time with Vishnu!

Happy Monday!

By Parita

14 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Three Days Three Places!”
  1. Did you manage to avoid mosquito bites throughout your trip? I’m wondering if your techniques worked (might make an interesting post, too!). Your work travel schedule sounds like mine and I’ve decided recently that it’s so exhausting! I hate having my routine disrupted by it! I’m off to Charlotte this week and then *hopefully* not traveling again until May.

    1. I didn’t get bit at all! I’m going to share more about the spray I used later this week. I can’t say for sure whether it did the trick or if there really weren’t any mosquitoes in Panama. Either way, better safe than sorry!

  2. You’re such a trooper for getting our yesterday – that’s a busy couple of days! Your team sounds like so much fun, it’s so great that you’re able to travel for work and actually enjoy being there (I know a lot of people who suffer through work travel, though I suppose a lot of it is about attitude). Have a good week lady!
    Kacy recently posted…Where to Eat in Fredericksburg, VAMy Profile

    1. I really didn’t want to go out to watch the Super Bowl, but when I mentioned that to V, he looked a little sad! So I sucked it up!

      And because I only travel for work a handful of times a year, I really look forward to it. I have colleagues who travel 60-70% of the time. That is something I could never do!

  3. Glad you’re back safe and sound and also glad you’ll be able to get back on your routine. That was always the hardest part when I used to travel for work! Here’s to a great week, Par! <3 🙂

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