HAPPY 2016, my friends!!!  I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty amazing year.  But more than anything I wish you LOTS of love and happiness.

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Now before I share more about my January goals, I have to talk about a realization I recently had.

Setting very specific goals in December is a bit of a futile effort.  At least in my experience.  Let’s review my December 2015 goals so I can better illustrate what I mean.

A review of my December 2015 goals 

Given that I was only home 50% of the time, I did ok.

1. Drink at least 56 ounces of water a day (~7 glasses) – Even though I probably didn’t hit this goal every single day of the month, I was definitely more aware of my water intake.  Let’s just say that this is going to be an ongoing effort for the rest of the year!

2. Log 10k steps a day – I did not log 10k steps a day, BUT I did average over 70k steps most of the weeks.  Like with my water goal, I’m definitely more aware of my inactivity and plan to continue moving more in 2016.

3. Keep the weekly grocery spend to $75 (or less) – I only went grocery shopping twice in December.  The first trip was definitely under $75.  The second one…not so much.  Just a note – Vishnu accompanied me on the second trip…just saying!

4. Limit mindless phone time to 30 minutes a day – I can’t say I was good about this the entire month.  I did, however, make a more conscious effort the week my sister came to Florida and this past week at home.  Definitely a win in my book!

5. Read for 15-20 minutes a day – I read a lot in December, but I’m not sure if I achieved this goal.  Really looking forward to making reading a priority in 2016.

So yeah…I did ok.  While I can’t completely tick the box for any of these five goals, it did feel good to have set things to work on over the course of the month.  For someone like me, it felt like a game!

Now on to my January 2016 goals.

January 2016 goals

1. Log 70k steps or more a week.

While all of my December goals will remain focus areas in January, I want this one to remain front and center.  There’s no room for excuses either – WE LIVE IN THE SUNSHINE STATE!

2.  Learn to make a Vishnu approved chicken curry.

One of Vishnu’s favorite foods is chicken curry and plain white rice.  While I could’ve made this a “cook more Indian food” kind of goal, I’m going to start with this dish and go from there.  If it turns out as good as I hope, I’ll definitely share on MIS!

And that’s it.  It looks like January is going to be filled with a bit of travel and craziness at work, so I’m limiting this month’s specific goals.

Wish me luck!

Tell me – what are your January goals?

By Parita

9 thoughts on “January 2016 Goals”
  1. Right up until yesterday I was doing really well with finally eating with intention and purpose and although I had an indulgent recent 24 hours I’d love to continue working on that. I’d honestly forgotten how much better I feel when I’m eating more nutritiously.
    Great job at least keeping track of your goals in December, it’s definitely a tough month to always stay on track!
    Happy New Year Parita!!
    Kacy recently posted…How We Celebrate a BirthdayMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Kacy! And agreed, it’s easy to forget how good eating well actually makes us feel. I’m hoping to carry that with me in 2016!

  2. I love that you are focusing on a weekly step target rather than daily- it’s only natural that some days are going to include more walking than others but eventually it all balances out! I am in the process of hopefully starting a few new projects in January so my main aim is to really put in as much into them as I can to get them started.
    Khushboo recently posted…Making healthy eating resolutions stickMy Profile

  3. I meant to comment on this earlier. I think these are great goals. Kudos to you for making more Indian food! I need to get the “good Indian wife” gene back and make more Indian food at home. The problem is so much of it is high in oil or calories for me so I always have to try to find a way to “healthify” it and also make it still taste good for the husband. I’m probably more obsessed with that than I should be. My dad has a SUPERB chicken curry recipe! I can ask him to send me to me if you want to use is as one of your “control” recipes to test with V!

    I’m so jealous you live in a warm state where you can get out and do stuff. That’s great! We’re no in the 10-12 degree mark in the mornings and evenings so going outside is just awful. I used to walk at lunch all the time, but now it’s just too cold to have that cold in my face haha. Good luck on the 70K steps. I have no doubts you can do it! 🙂

    1. I’m trying to live it up in this warm weather as much as possible! Things will be VERY different next year at this time I’m sure. 🙂

      And thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

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