Our weekend was pretty great.  Nothing out of the ordinary or spectacular but great in a simple, easy, and fun way.

And I only have one picture to show for it.

I’m going to recap the weekend by starting with this picture.

Cheese arepa at the Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg, FL

This, my friends, is the delicious and ooey gooey arepa Vishnu and I shared on Saturday at the Saturday Morning Market.  SO GOOD!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  My weekend started at 5:30 am (London time) on Friday when I left to fly home.  Both of my flights were uneventful…and very tiring!  By the time I got home at 7:00 pm (12:00 am London time), I was beyond exhausted but so excited to see my hubby!

We hung out for a couple of hours before I headed to bed.  My sleep was average at best.  I tossed and turned from 3-5 am before getting up and starting my day.

Once Vishnu was up, we showered, got ready, and headed out to the Market for lunch.  We shared a cheese arepa (see above!), coconut macaroons, and Thai food.  The Thai food was flavorless, cold, and a total disappointment.  Lesson learned – Thai food should not be eaten at a market.

We also checked out a local art show and walked along the water before heading back home.  The plan was to hang out until five and then drive to Titusville to view a rocket launch, something Vishnu’s wanted to do for a while.  Welllllll…I kinda sorta fell asleep for four hours (I blame the jet lag!). Vishnu wasn’t feeling too hot either, so we decided to postpone this fun adventure to March.  Talk about a complete change of plans!

Sunday morning was spent at Costco and Trader Joe’s.  And unlike most weekend shopping trips, Vishnu joined me for this one.  I blame him for our overspending at TJs!  It’s ok though – the extra $$$ was worth having his company!

The rest of the day included Chipotle, reading, a long run, the first two episodes of Quantico, and pancakes for dinner.

Like I said, it was a great weekend.

P.S. Two other pieces of exciting information – I am off from work for the next two weeks (our company is shutting down for the holidays), and more importantly, my sister gets in later today!!!  She’ll be here with us for the rest of the week (and next week but more on that later).  WOO HOO!!!

Did you have a great weekend?

By Parita

3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Only One Picture to Show for It”
  1. It sounds like you had my kind of weekend! I love wandering around at markets and art fairs and just seeing where the day goes (even if it goes to the couch and a nap and some TV). Enjoy your break from work and time with your sister!
    Kacy recently posted…Republic Takoma Park BrunchMy Profile

  2. Fun week ahead with your sis coming and time off work! How are you liking Quantico! I wasn’t expecting much at all but I’m really enjoying it so far. And you’re absolutely right about Thai food- it shouldn’t be eaten at a market UNLESS you’re in Thailand!
    Khushboo recently posted…Cookie Round-UpMy Profile

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