I’m hanging my head in shame!

Not only has it been 8 months since our trip to Italy, but until Wednesday, I had yet to even look at the pictures we took with our SLR camera.  Whoops…

Before I share my favorite shots, I should probably mention that these pictures almost never came to be.  When we got to Sorrento (our first destination), we relaxed for an hour or so and then headed out to soak in the sights.  As soon as we got to the main intersection, I pulled out the camera to take a few pictures.  I quickly came to realize that something was wrong, so I turned away from Vishnu and checked to see if the SD card was there.  It was not!  I then remembered that I left it in my computer back at home. Vishnu asked what was wrong, so I told him…almost in tears!  We Googled the nearest camera/photography shop and found one fairly close by.  Thirty minutes later, we were officially all set to go.  But you better believe I received a short lecture.

Imagine if there was no camera shop nearby…I shudder just thinking about it!

Anyways, here are a few of my recently appointed favorite (unedited) shots from our trip!  Enjoy!



Beach in Positano, Italy

Lunch in Positano, Italy with Mamma

Boat tour around Capri, Italy

Arco Natural in Capri, Italy

Full view of Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Sunset in Rome, Italy

Florence, Italy view of the water

View of Florence, Italy

Statue of David at the Ufizzi


Cinque Terra, Italy

Couple in Cinque Terra, italy

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Happy Friday!

By Parita

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