Trips to Atlanta are always filled with activity.  However, this past week at home was ultra productive.  We did so much in just six short days.

In semi-chronological order, here’s a recap of my week at home!

1. Lotta Frutta – After picking me up from the airport last Sunday, my parents, sister, and I had lunch at Lotta Frutta in downtown Atlanta.  This is one of my favorite little café type restaurants in the city.  The food is so consistently good.  I try to go every time I’m home.  YUM!

Lotta Frutta

2. Meeting my sister’s wedding hairstylist – All of my sister’s wedding vendors are incredibly nice people, and Kimberly is no different.  We met with her for 45 minutes to talk through Aekta’s hair ideas.  And in those 45 minutes, my mom and I went from not wanting to get our hair done to signing ourselves up for all three events.  Can’t wait!  Now to find some pretty styles…

3. Family quesadilla night – My mom never lets me cook when I’m home.  She always says that I can cook for them when they visit us.  I don’t usually complain because I love my mom’s food. 

Well, our dinner plans fell through on Monday night, and we had no back up plan, so I ran to Kroger and picked up the necessary ingredients to make quesadillas and guacamole (Aekta made this).  Not sure why but this meal was a huge hit!  My mom said it was the best Mexican food she’s ever had!  I wouldn’t go that far, but it was really tasty. I think it had something to do with the queso cheese I used.  Or perhaps it was Aek’s delicious guac.

Homemade veggie quesadillas

4. Masti – We met with a potential wedding caterer at one of his restaurants – Masti.  Since our meeting was around dinnertime, we decided to eat there as well. 

Atlanta peeps, this is a must try restaurant!  The food is inventive and unique.  The menu is a mix of traditional Indian food, Indo-Chinese, Indo-Mexican, and Indo-Italian.  We tried momo (dumplings), Korma alfredo pasta with paneer, Uttapam (Indian pancake) tacos, and pav bhagi (toasted bread and mashed potatoes/peas with spices).  The pasta was by far the best dish…so creamy…just thinking about it makes my mouth water!  Hoping to go back to Masti when we’re back in Atlanta next month.

Masti Atlanta - Korma Alfredo Pasta

5. Apple TV – Vishnu found a great deal on an Apple TV a while back and ended up buying one for my parents since they’re looking to upgrade their TV.  Once my sister set it all up, we tested it out with a YouTube Bollywood video night.  So. Much. Fun.

6. Time with friends – I got to see Samir and Roshni for a couple of hours one night.  It was great to just talk and catch up (it’s been 4 months since I saw them last!).  Later in the week, I was able to meet up with my college friend Farnaz for dinner.  Again, we spent a couple of hours eating and chatting (we were the last ones to leave the restaurant!). 

7. Unintentional Black Friday shopping with my mom – My mom wanted me to go to Sephora with her at some point during my visit.  Well, the only time we could find was on Friday…Black Friday.  And while we did stop by Sephora, we also went to Loft, JC Penny, Belk, and the Limited.  In my defense, Loft was the only store that got my $$$. 

8. Thanksgiving dinner with Vishnu’s parents – We headed to Vishnu’s parents house around 5 pm on Thanksgiving day and left at 11 pm.  In those 6 hours, we ate, talked and laughed (a lot!).  Can’t wait to do it again at the end of December!

Thanksgiving 2015 with the family

9. General wedding stuff – The entire week was filled with random wedding related tasks and conversations – outfits, invitations, cake, etc..  Just six more months until the big day…can’t wait!

10. Home workouts – Thanks to Shaun T, Barre3 online, Jillian Michaels, and the park near our house, I was able to fit in 4 different workouts while at home.  Look out for an upcoming post filled with all my favorite at home (and mostly free) workout options!

11. Attending an Indian wedding – I ended my trip with an Indian wedding.  While the basic formula for every wedding is the same, it’s amazing to witness two people get married and start their lives together!

Family picture at an Indian wedding

I obviously miss my family a lot, but it was great coming home to Vishnu.  He was working when I got in on Saturday night, but I shot out of bed when I heard him walking into the apartment on Sunday morning! 

Well, I hope you have a great Monday.  And for those of you who are also getting back to the grind today…I feel you!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

By Parita

17 thoughts on “Recap: My Week at Home”
  1. Oh wow- your week at home sounds like such a blast…and so productive!! My weekend highlight was watching my friend getting married and catching up with so many other friends who flew down for the occasion. I completely agree with you on your last point- no matter how different each wedding is, they all have their own special charm and ultimately it’s amazing watching 2 people start the next chapter of their lives together.
    Khushboo recently posted…The C DietMy Profile

  2. All of this food is making me hungry! It sounds like an amazing trip! There’s nothing like family + holidays + food 🙂 The highlight of my weekend was probably my college football team pulling out a big win Saturday night. It was such a fun game to watch!
    Kacy recently posted…Menu Update at Aroma Indian CuisineMy Profile

  3. How exciting to be getting ready for your sister’s wedding. I assist at several South-Asian weddings throughout the year in Ohio and each one has been amazing! It has introduced me to much of the Indian culture and GREAT food. 🙂 If you’re sister needs decorating help, PLEASE have a look at Ragini Patel of Weddings InStyle in Atlanta. She and her sister do GREAT work and are our favorite designers to work with.
    Teri recently posted…Creative Writing With Mama May I Story StartersMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Terri!

      I think my sister talked to Ragini, but ultimately ended up choosing someone else! But I have lots of friends who went with her and had nothing but good things to say!

  4. What an incredibly fun-filled holiday week/weekend you guys had!! So glad you guys got to dos many fun things, too. I need to keep that Indian restaurant in mind and recommend to my ATL friends! Sounds incredible. I am all about fusion food. The food at our wedding was Indian-fusion-inspired too! Being able to knock off some wedding to-do items is always so awesome, so i’m glad you guys were able to do that to help your sister out!
    My long weekend at home was great! Despite being sick with a cold, I got to eat a delicious Indian feast for Thanksgiving at home, saw my in-laws at their Thanksgiving, saw my nephew, took him on a train ride, played some fun games with my family and all around chilled! I didn’t get any workouts in (ugh) but it was fun nonetheless!

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