Our metabolic rate (the number of calories we burn in a day) decreases as we age.  More specifically, it decreases by about 1% each year after the age of 30. 

I honestly never gave my metabolic rate much thought.  In fact, while I know this is a widely accepted research based finding, I never really believed it.  I figured that as long as I continued eating healthy most of the time and working out regularly most of time, I would be a-okay in terms of maintaining my weight. 

Yeah, so I was WRONG!

Before I say more, I want to stress that this is a personal post about my body and my journey.  EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT!  Please keep this in mind.  Thanks! 

Maintaining My Weight In My 30s

I’ve blogged about my personal healthy living journey at length.  The basic gist is that the majority of my 20s were spent trying to lose weight in all the wrong ways.  The big turning point came in my late 20s.  I was sick of over exercising and not fueling my body the way it needed to be.  Slowly but surely, my habits became more balanced, and I gained a newfound sense of respect for my body.  I ditched my cardio queen ways and started strength training, and I took an avid interest in understanding food beyond what the labels told me.

During this time, I lost quite a bit of weight.  Earlier on it wasn’t necessarily healthy weight loss, but with each passing year, I came to my senses and eventually snapped out of it.  And guess what – I learned that it was fairly easy for me to lose and maintain weight in my 20s.  I had plenty of energy, and my body responded to food differently.  Even after a few days of unhealthy eats, I could get back on track fairly quickly. 

Then came my 30s.  Or at least the first two years.  I’m still on a journey.  I have my off days where I don’t love the way I look, but overall, I’m positive Par and know that what I see in the mirror is a very small part of the big picture.  My thoughts are more so focused on what I want my body to accomplish in 10, 20, 30 years and what I need to do today to ensure I get there. 

That brings me to maintenance in my 30s.  I know I’m only two years in, but I can already tell that it’s going to be more challenging to stay fit.  Poor eating, more alcohol than intended, larger potion sizes – all things that didn’t affect me as much in my 20s are now harder to recover from.  Even when I’m working out regularly.   

How do I know this?  Well, I ditched my daily scale habit a long time ago, but I still hop on every now and then.  And I’ve noticed that over the last couple of years, it takes way more effort to maintain and not gain. 

I’m not naïve, I know genetics plays a role in how we put on weight and that different factors during the month impact the number we see on the scale.  Let’s just say that what I’m noticing is a trend and not an exact science.

If you thought I was going to share how I’m maintaining my weight in my 30s, I’m sorry but I don’t have much advice to offer except eat smaller portions, eat less junk, drink less alcohol, and move more than you think you need to.  It’s not the end of the world though.  So many of my friends and family members are in fantastic shape (after multiple babies at that!).  It’s possible (phew!), but for me personally and maybe for some of you, it’s just going to be a bit more work than I thought!

Bottom line: Even though it was easier to bounce back in my 20s, I’ll take a (much more) positive mindset and a little extra hard work any day!  Bring it on 30s!

Thanks for reading and happy Friday!

By Parita

23 thoughts on “Maintaining My Weight In My 30s”
    1. Yeah, my exercise routine isn’t as intense as it’s been in the past. I need to pick up the intensity a bit.

  1. Loved reading your insight, P! I was just discussing with a friend how difficult wieght loss becomes the older we get – difficult but not impossible. Honestly I think it all comes down to experimenting and making changes based on how your body responds. Just because a certain style of eating worked for you at one phase of your life doesn’t mean that’s always going to be the case. As long as you are conscious about it and stay on top of it, it will make the whole process of maintaining/losing weight easier!
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    1. You’re 100% right. I probably need to experiment a bit more. AND, I need to bring a little more intensity to my workouts.

  2. I feel the same way! Maintaining my weight isn’t as easy as it was in my college days, haha but I feel much more confident! My body might not always look the way I want it to but I’ve definitely come a long way in embracing my body type!

  3. 30 was a turning point for me and I really had to learn how to eat properly! But if it’s any consolation I figured it out pretty quickly and now weigh less than I did in high school. It’s fairly effortless now but I NEVER thought I’d get here!

    You look great Parita. Really, you look amazing.

    1. Thank you, Ameena! You’re so sweet.

      And good to know that you’ve found a way that works for you…gives me hope because YOU look amazing too 🙂

  4. For some reason I stopped getting your posts and now I don’t know how to register my email so your post comes to my inbox daily.Help please

    1. Hi Karuna! So my followers were deleted (again), but when I get the new design up and running in a couple of weeks, there will be a email subscription box. And I am going to do my very best to make sure it doesn’t get deleted again! I hope you decided to sign up one final time!

  5. Been a while since I’ve commented on your blog, but i’m so glad I came back to read this! IT IS SO HARD TO MAINTAIN!! My real weight journey started when I was 27/28 getting ready for my wedding and I’m proud ot say I lost that weight and whatever. But now two years into my 30s I definitely have to work every. single. day. to maintain my weight. I haven’t lost a pound in about 8 months; completely plateaued! It’s been frustrating, but I guess should be happy that at least I’m still living pretty healthy and I haven’t gained. I am gaining some muscle which is great, but man, it’s so frustrating not seeing that scale budge. I just have to keep reminding myself that the scale is just a number…an evil number but nonetheless. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. You’re absolutely right, it’s just a number. But I understand your frustration. It’s hard to not see the scale budge when you put in so much work into being healthy every day.

      But you, my friend, have been able to accomplish so many amazing fitness things recently! So go you!

  6. Think you hit the nail on the head with this: “If you thought I was going to share how I’m maintaining my weight in my 30s, I’m sorry but I don’t have much advice to offer except eat smaller portions, eat less junk, drink less alcohol, and move more than you think you need to.”

    Seems simple, but most people don’t realize that’s all it really takes. Not fad diets or trendy exercises or waist-trainers, just the basics! It’s a struggle for sure (I’m a 30-something whose body has definitely changed in the last few years) but it can be accomplished!
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