When it comes to my own birthday, I don’t like to make a huge deal out of it.  A little chocolate in some shape or form, and I’m a happy girl!   But what I didn’t realize is that I was applying my nonchalant attitude to Vishnu’s birthday as well.  Yes, I always make sure to do something special for him, but I never make it ALL about him.  And as much as he denies it, I know he enjoys and appreciates a little extra attention on his birthday.

That is exactly why I decided to change things up this year!

After work on Friday, I made a little celebratory dessert – Katie’s Gooey Chocolate Chip Brownie Bars.  You guys, these bars are addicting.  I know this was Vishnu’s birthday weekend, but I definitely ate more of this sweet treat than he did.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture…oops.  Trust me though, you need this in your life!

When Vishnu got home from work on Friday night, I asked if he wanted the first half of his present a little early (his actual birthday was on Saturday).  Before he even had a chance to say “ok, sure,” I ran into our room.  I knew he was going to love what I got him, and I couldn’t wait any longer.  If you can’t tell, I was more excited than he was!

Leather Toms

Vishnu’s a shoe guy.  He has more shoes than most girls I know!  And that’s exactly why I got him some beautiful new leather TOMS.  The cognac color is beautiful!  They even look great with scrubs. Smile

On Saturday morning, I asked Vishnu what kind of food he was craving.  The answer was brunch, so the birthday boy and I headed to Banyan Café.  This restaurant came highly recommended from a waiter at a different restaurant, so we were super excited to check it out.

The Black Bean Benedict had my name written all over it, so that’s what I ordered.  Vishnu decided to go with the Smoked Salmon Benedict.  Both dishes were absolute brunch perfection.  My benedict came with eggs, black beans, a grilled peppers, salsa verde, corn bread, and a side of rosemary breakfast potatoes.  Vishnu’s came with eggs, smoked salmon, capers, tomato, lemon marmalade (I know right!), toast, jalapeno aioli, and the breakfast potatoes.  We will be back!

Banyan Cafe Brunch

After stuffing ourselves silly, I suggested we walk around for a while.  The weather in St. Pete was gorgeous – warm with a slight breeze.  Vishnu forgot his sunglasses at home, so we made what I thought was quick pit stop.  Umm no.  The birthday boy decided to take a birthday nap, and I didn’t have it in me to wake him up!

Eventually, we had to get ready for part two of Vishnu’s birthday present – the Oddball Comedy Festival!

Oddball Comedy Festival

I did a little research beforehand and learned that this event can get a little crazy in terms of parking, lines, etc.  We decided to leave home around 3:30 because the parking lots opened up at 4:00.  In true Parita fashion, we were a tad bit early, but it all worked out because we were able to grab a quick bite to eat from the Taco Bus food truck!  We were also able to watch a few different comedians perform on the festival (secondary) stage.

A little before 7 pm, we headed to the amphitheater for the main stage performances.  You guys, we laughed…A LOT!  Of course, when you go to something like this, you have to put your sensitivity hat away and just go with it (I’ll be honest, I found this a little hard when it came to certain topics.), but overall, we had a great time!

Jeff Ross, Roastmaster General and the host for the night, was awesome.  He started the show by using an audience cam to narrow in on members of the audience so he roast them.  Later, he randomly picked 10 people to come on stage so he could roast them.  Hilarious!  Of course, Amy and Aziz were ridiculously funny!  Amy joked about how she’s always told what a great time it is for women in Hollywood and how that can’t be true because all the women are starving!  Aziz joked a lot about his relationship and how being a minority in Hollywood has affected him.  Good stuff!  Vishnu and I were reacting some of the jokes on our way home…albeit not as successfully!

There was no celebrating on Sunday because Vishnu had to get up early and head to work.  I, however, woke up and finished Why Not Me?.   I then made a to do list and got to work – cleaning, organizing, packing, shopping, writing, etc.  Needless to say, Sunday was a full yet productive day.

While I’m sad the weekend is over, I’m excited about my trip to Chicago this week!  And the fun doesn’t end when I get back.  Our friends Jenny and Jimi are visiting and staying with us over the weekend.  WOO HOO!

Have a great Monday!

Do you like comedy shows?  Who’s your favorite comedian?

By Parita

12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Birthday Fun & Oddball Comedy Festival”
  1. Ummm can you come plan my birthday next year? Vishnu is one lucky guy- it sounds like the perfect celebratory weekend! Hats off to Toms- they’ve really upped their shoe game! I’m loving the look of the leather TOMS and also the crochet pair that they sold over the summer for us girls!
    Khushboo recently posted…Bringing back dairyMy Profile

  2. The leather Toms are so nice! I’m glad Vishnu had such an awesome birthday weekend 🙂 As for comedy shows – I once went to see Dane Cook with my mom and OMG it was awful. The language, the context…totally embarrassing to be listening with my mother LOL

  3. I’m glad you guys had a great time, it sounds like a super successful birthday weekend. I get much more excited to celebrate Tom’s birthday than my own, so I totally get where you’re coming from. Have fun in Chicago!
    Kacy recently posted…Due South BrunchMy Profile

  4. Ha, Joey and I were just talking about there’s two kinds of birthday people — people who don’t really care/make a big deal out of it and people who really like to celebrate every year. To each their own 🙂 Looks like Vishnu got spoiled this year and no offense to him, but your brunch looks better!
    Lauren recently posted…Weekend Things: Welcome to OctoberMy Profile

  5. Happy birthday to Vishnu! Those leather toms look so good. I’m looking forward to Aziz and Amy, I’m glad you had a good time. You’re the second person to tell me that they finished Why Not Me? today. How did you like the book?
    Reshma recently posted…A Different Type of ChaatMy Profile

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