My sister and Adarsh (her fiancé) got engaged the “down on one knee” way back in March.  This past weekend my parents hosted their religious engagement ceremony (pooja) at our house, so now they’re ‘officially’ engaged!

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I (unfortunately Vishnu had to work this weekend) flew into Atlanta on Wednesday night, worked on Thursday, and then went into engagement mode on Thursday evening.  While my parents had prepped a lot of things beforehand, there was still lots left to do.  For example, on Thursday evening, my mom and aunt made puris (fried bread), mathai (a savory fried snack), and a few other things.  We also prepped the mitai (Indian sweets) packages and made the haars (garlands).

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We woke up bright and early on Friday morning to make more food and clean.  Adarsh, Aekta, and Adarsh’s family, along with a few other family members got in a little after noon.  We ate a delicious South Indian lunch and then started to get ready for the pooja.

The pooja started around 6 pm and lasted a couple of hours.  Because I wasn’t the one getting engaged (been there done that!), I was able to take pictures and move around a bit.

Unlike some of the other poojas my parents have hosted in the past, this one was small – very close family only (~30 people).  It was so nice to hang out with everyone afterwards, including Vishnu’s parents, brother and his girlfriend who all drove up in the crazy Atlanta traffic.

AA engagement 5

AA engagement 6

AA engagement 7

My dad didn’t get the smiling memo!

AA engagement 8

AA engagement 9

AA engagement 10

Adarsh’s family stayed with us on Friday and Saturday so we could get through some of the big ticket planning items, including a four hour visit to the outfit designer and a tour of the wedding weekend venue.  Even though we were all so exhausted, everyone rallied and made the most of our time together.  This was my first time meeting Adarsh’s family, and I love them already!  His little sister is so much fun to hang out with, and his parents are super sweet.

Even though the big day is eight months away, I just know it’s going to be here before we know it.  AND I’M JUST SO EXCITED!!!

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