This ended up being a true ‘Parita’ weekend.  With Vishnu working on both Friday and Saturday, I had lots of time to get the ‘must do’ things out of the way – cleaning, laundry, etc.  And in between all of the musts, I made time for one of my favorite activities…reading! 

You guys!  I finished both Crazy Rich Asians and its sequel China Rich Girlfriend.  I went on reading frenzy!  I’ll share more about these books later, but I highly recommend both.  If you’re looking for funny, crazy, over-the-top books, Kevin Kwan’s novels are it. 


Before sitting down to read on Saturday morning, I turned my living room into a pseudo barre studio and completed a 40 minute online Barre3 workout.  I’m enjoying the different workouts so far and even bought the Barre ball (because a towel just doesn’t cut it!).  More about Barre3 online coming soon!

Barre3 living room

Saturday also included a little bit of baking.  I had a hankering for cookies that combined peanut butter and chocolate chips, so I tried my hand at making some…without a recipe.  And they didn’t out half bad!  I’m sure I’ll be making these again soon, and next time I’ll jot everything down and share! 

Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

While I waited for Vishnu to come home from work with our dinner, I watched UGA kick S. Carolina’s butt!  And then when he got home, we continued watching the game while eating eggplant parm pizza.  YUM! 

Eggplant Parm pizza

On Sunday morning, I woke up, asked VIshnu what the temperature was (a cool (ha!) 79 degrees), and headed out for a run.  Umm, my run turned into a run/walk and then just a walk.  The heat was unbearable.  By the time I got home 45 minutes later, it was 85 degrees.  CENTRAL FLORIDA, PLEASE COOL DOWN ASAP!

St. Pete run

After I got home and got ready, we headed out for our lunch date that Vishnu planned.  He made reservations at a restaurant in Tampa called Green Lemon, a hipster Mexican place (Vishnu’s definition!).  The atmosphere was very relaxed, fun, and colorful, and the food/drinks were delicious and very fresh. 

We started with spicy Bloody Mary’s.  YUM!

Green Lemon - Blood Mary

For my entrée, I ordered a veggie quesadilla, and for his, Vishnu’s ordered a trio of tacos.  We both left fuller than expected but happy with our choices.  Everything was flavorful and satisfying.  Exactly what we were looking for!

Green Lemon - Quesadilla

Green Lemon - Tacos

And of course, we ended the weekend with football!

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

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By Parita

12 thoughts on “A “Me” Weekend Recap”
  1. i tried a video on youtube for barre class and it was really really good (i could feel the burn).. im going to try those every now and then 🙂 I dont have a ball but towel is a great idea.

    Best thing I ate this weekend was Nepali food because I havent made it in such a long time. I invited two of my girlfriends over for dinner..and we ended the dinner with chai and pound cake with salted caramel sauce…
    dixya | food, pleasure, and health recently posted…My Fit Foods – Pay Fit ForwardMy Profile

    1. The towel worked well but I’m excited to use the ball and feel a bigger burn!

      And that sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend evening. 🙂

    1. I’m sure I’ll be in the same boat as you next winter when we’re in Chicago!!

      And yes! Eggplant parm pizza is amazing!!

    1. If you’re here in the next 8 months, let me know. Would love to meet up! And yes, you must take your parents here!

  2. I just finished my barre workout today and think I’m starting to become obsessed! Even just a quick ten minute one when I don’t have much time makes me feel successful 🙂

    Love Bloody Marys and that pizza sounds amazing! The best thing I ate this weekend was probably a grilled cheese and tomato bisque on a coolish night, meeting up with one of my best friends in Oklahoma. It was gooey and had pimento cheese and really hit the spot!
    Kacy recently posted…Garrison DC: Go for the VeggiesMy Profile

    1. I know the feeling! I could not believe how much I was shaking during one of the 30 minute workouts!

      And that meal sounds delicious…one of my favorite combos!

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