Happy Monday!

Vishnu’s brother and parents head home later this evening, so we’re trying to make the most out the time we have left with them.  I know I always say this, but this weekend went by waaaay too quickly.  I’ll share more in Wednesday’s post.  Until then, check out some of my recent favorite reads (hopefully while relaxing with a good cup of coffee)!

Par's Picks


What Should I Do On My Off Days?

Kerry Washington Has No Intention Of Getting Her Pre-Baby Body Back

This New Interval Training Trend Makes Working Out Faster—and a Lot More Fun (LOVE this method!)

I Went On A Radical “Eat Sugar” Diet. Here’s What Happened

Good Foods, Bad Foods, & The Dorito Effect (Favorite blog read of the week!)

5 Compelling Reasons To Put Down Your Cell Phone


Nasty Thought Buzzing Around? Trap It, Map It, and Zap It Now

11 Qualities That Women Should Crave Other Than Beauty

The Gift Every Woman Has But Rarely Uses (Such a powerful read!)

12 Little Known Laws of Mindfulness (That Will Change Your Life)


19 Children’s Book Quotes That Are Still Incredibly Relevant To Adults

30 Quick Stories that Will Make You Think Differently

15 Life Changing Lessons to Learn From Wayne Dyer

Favorite reads of the week?  Link them in the comments below!

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