This weekend was a little strange because Vishnu’s currently on nights (a 7p-7a schedule).  And while he had Saturday and Sunday off, he slept during the day and then stayed up as late as possible at night.  Having done this will hopefully make the three night shifts he has this week a bit easier.

I’m used to the weird hours and all that, but the strange part for me is staying quiet during the day so he can sleep.  Our apartment isn’t all that big, and on top of that, the walls are super thin.  Luckily, Vishnu’s not a light sleeper, but still…I literally tip toed around the apartment!

Anyways, despite all the quiet time, it was still a good weekend!


Friday night was all about a quick, easy dinner in the form of Trader Joe’s vegetarian gyozas and a Bollywood movie.  I haven’t watched an Indian movie in months, so it was nice to just sit back and unwind with some song and dance and tons of drama.  AND because Vishnu wasn’t home, I could watch in peace without comments about how unrealistic Bollywood movies are!

Before I settled in for dinner and a movie, I cleaned the apartment.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to do so the rest of the weekend (sleeping husband).  Cleaning on a Friday night isn’t necessarily the coolest thing to do I know, but it made for a relaxing Saturday and Sunday!


Vishnu didn’t get home until almost 9 on Saturday morning.  Lots of crazy ER cases created a backlog of patients and work.  He filled me on on his night, I told him about mine, he went to bed and I went to Trader Joe’s.  I used the rest of my morning to get some work done, catch up with my mom, work out, etc.

After Vishnu woke up from his long nap, we watched TV and just hung for a bit until it was time to get ready for DATE NIGHT!

Since I work from home during the week, I so look forward to nights out on the weekend because that means I get to do my hair and play with a little bit of makeup.  I guess I could do that during the week too, but I’m lazy.  It’s as simple as that.

Mirror selfie

After lots of Yelp research, we decided to make our way to Tampa for dinner at Pane Rustica.  This is a very highly rated Tampa Bay restaurant, so when we pulled into the parking lot and saw that it was part of a strip mall, we questioned our choice.  But it turns out we had nothing to worry about because once you step inside, you forget that there’s a health market next door and a nail salon two doors down!  The restaurant is dimly lit with tables set close to each other.  Even still, it was very romantic and reminded us a lot of Italy!

We started with a watermelon, feta, mint, and almond salad that was full of fresh summery flavors.  For my main entrée, I went with a simple Margherita flatbread.  The crust was paper thin…my favorite!  Vishnu ordered a scallop dish that he said was on point and delicious.  And after seeing the two tables next to us order the Chocolate Decadence for dessert, we went for it too.  Before you say/think about my no added sugar challenge, I plan on explaining my thought process and choices in a post late this week.  Needless to say, the truffle like dessert was insane.  AND I found that a few bites did it for me…more coming soon!

Pane Rustica flatbread

After dinner, we met up with our friend Anand who came up from Miami for a conference.  I meant to get a picture of Vishnu and Anand together (bromance!) but forgot.  Next time!


Sunday morning/afternoon was the epitome of lazy.  Vishnu slept in, I did some food prep, and that was pretty much that.  We also managed to fit in a walk around the neighborhood. Winking smile  Erika’s supposed to bring us even more rain this week, so who knows when it’ll be nice enough for a walk again.  I mean, check out this weather forecast.

St Petersburg weather forecast
Oh and we ended the night with a salad (recipe coming soon!), bread, cheese, and unsweetened tea.  Vishnu’s not a wine guy, so we compromised with tea!

Have a great Monday.  And thanks for reading!

How’s the weather where you live?  Feeling like fall yet?

By Parita

12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – A Little Strange”
  1. Haha I feel you about wanting to dress up on the weekends. I work from home too so on days I’m not meeting with clients, chances are I’m working in tracks and a comfy t-shirt. While it’s comfortable, I do miss shopping for office attire! Ah I wish it felt like fall in Mumabi- we are currently in the middle of monsoon season so it’s either pouring or extremely humid…yeesh!
    Khushboo recently posted…Travel favoritesMy Profile

    1. I miss shopping for work clothes too! It’s kind of good that I’m taking a year long break though, especially considering that I’ll need a whole new wardrobe when we move to Chicago!

    1. Yeah, it’s all over the place! Just a couple of more weeks though, then it’ll be back to semi-normal!

      How’s your transition back to DC?

    1. It definitely has it’s pros and cons! I only have to do it for a year, so that makes it totally bearable. And thank you so much 🙂

  2. Playing catch up on your blog. OMG REB is the WORST about Indian movies. He gives me such a hard time and makes fun of them all the time. I love when I can watch them and enjoy the cheesiness in peace! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend last week. one of our favorite restaurants if The Root Restaurant & Bar about 1 1/2 hours away from Ann Arbor. The chef, James Rigato was on Top Chef this past season and his restaurant is also in a strip mall. But it’s probably one of our favorite dining experiences ever and their food is fantastic.

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