Even though it may seem like bloggers share 100% of their lives with strangers on the internet, I guarantee that isn’t the case.  Personally speaking, I probably only share 5-10% of the true day-to-day behind the scenes kind of stuff.

With that being said, I thought I’d share three pictures that never made it on to MIS or any other form of social media.  A little backstage tour of my iPhone photos if you will!

3 Things Thursday

(1) Me and my boo

Par and Vishnu

My dad snapped this pic when they were visiting, and I would say it’s pretty typical Par and Vishnu!  And I promise Vishnu was just fine, even though it looks like he can’t breathe!  In fact, he loves it when I shower him with attention (AKA take over every inch of his personal space).

(2) Texting with my sister

Texting with my sister

Like I said in Monday’s post, I’m not a solo selfie person.  I’m also not a very fashionable person.  I have a few standard go to outfits, but beyond that, I’m pretty clueless.

BUT if there’s one person who I would send a solo selfie #ootd picture to, it would be my sister.  The funny thing here is that I’m the crazy texter in my family.  Like my parents thought I was drunk one night because my texts made no sense kind of crazy.  My sister, on the other hand, always has well thought out texts with zero mistakes.  And that is exactly why her use of the word “horn” made my day!

(3) A powerful quote


Words to live by!

Have a great Thursday and thanks for reading. Smile

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By Parita

10 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday (22)”
  1. I love candid photos like these. They capture actual emotions. So cute. And great words to live by. I would never want to be everyone’s cup of tea. What a boring existence that would be! It’s like being the colour magnolia! Have a great week!
    Kayennat recently posted…Wedding Diaries | Mehendi StyleMy Profile

  2. You and Vishnu are so cute together, and I love that dress! I harldy ever take outfit pictures, but when I do I just leave them on my phone and see them later and think “hey, that was actually kind of cute!” Haha! And I love the quote, so true!
    Kacy recently posted…An Ode to Brazilian SunsetsMy Profile

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