Another Monday, another weekend recap!


Our Friday evening wasn’t all that exciting.  Unless you count a mini Modern Family marathon and eggplant parm exciting.

Eggplant parm

I followed Andie’s recipe and was really happy with the way the dish turned out.  Especially the crunchy breadcrumb topping!  I know my globs of cheese aren’t all that attractive, but the combination of fresh mozzarella and parm was perfect!

Vishnu went to bed a little earlier than me because he had work the next morning.  I stayed up and waited for our friend Rohit to arrive.  Rohit drove up from Miami to visit for the weekend.


Vishnu left for work at the crack of dawn, Rohit left to meet up with another friend around noon, and I enjoyed a Saturday at home.  After knocking off some of the must do things on my list (cleaning, a work out, etc.), I relaxed and watched TV for 1.5 hours.  Time well spent!

That’s not all I did though.  I also curled my hair.


Excuse the half selfie and my huge eye!  I’m not a fan of taking solo selfies, but I wanted to share how my hair turned out, so this seemed like a good compromise.

Anyway, you guys!  I have to give my new curling wand (<—affiliate link!) a shout out again.  It’s AMAZING!  I’ve never felt comfortable curling my hair before because it always ended up looking like a huge nest on my head.  But this wand changed everything.  And at this price, it’s practically free!

Moving on…

The reason I put some effort into getting ready was because we had dinner plans with Rohit and his friend.  We met them at a new-to-us restaurant in Tampa called Datz.  Holy moly, this place is good!  The menu is full of comfort food dishes made right – pastas, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, etc.  There is literally something for everyone.

Datz - black bean burger

Horrible lighting equals horrible pictures!

Not sure what’s going on with me, but I ordered yet another burger!  As you can see, the portions are huge.  I managed to eat half of the bottom bun, the patty itself, and a few chips before calling it quits.  Absolutely delicious though!


Sunday started with a quick Target and Trader Joe’s run.  Did you guys know that Trader Joe’s has it’s own coffee grinders?  I did not!  Basically, customers can pick a container of whatever beans they want (most of TJs coffee is in the whole bean form) and grind them in-store.  Amazing!

Trader joes coffee grinder

I was all ready to make us lunch when I got home, but Vishnu and Rohit suggested we grab brunch at Red Mesa.  Who am I to say not to a Mexican inspired brunch?

Red Mesa brunch

I decided to go with a scrambled eggs dish, but the real star of the show was the black beans.  So much so that I ate all the beans and only a fourth of the eggs!

The rest of our day was spent doing a few things here and there to help us prepare for the week.

And there you have it – bits and pieces from our weekend!

Thanks for reading and have a good Monday!

By Parita

10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Bits and Pieces”
  1. I need to check out this curling wand – you and your hair look so stunning! I have the same problem with curling my hair – it turns into a crunchy mess because I have to use so much hairspray to make it all stick that way…but it still doesn’t work LOL

    1. So I don’t know if it’s the wand or what but the curls last with minimal hair spray! It’s THAT good!

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