Our original weekend agenda included going to see Trainwreck on Friday and spending a few hours at the beach on Saturday. 

Well, let’s just say there was a slight deviation in plans…

Vishnu was totally game for going to the movie theater, but after hearing about the Lafayette shooting, I just wasn’t up for it.  I told him I’d rather stay at home and watch a movie.  But we didn’t end up doing that either.  After a quick dinner at home, we met up with some of Vishnu’s co-interns at a local bar.

Angry Orchard

It was fun listening to all the crazy stories and hearing everyone’s experiences so far.  I do sometimes feel like the odd man out, but Vishnu does a good job of checking in every now and then.  And it helps that I find medicine an interesting topic overall and have a lot of the lingo down!

We slept in a little on Saturday but had every intention of heading to the beach as soon as possible.  The weather, however, had different plans.  It rained all morning/afternoon, so the beach was a no go. 

One of Vishnu’s friends was planning a trip to Topgolf, so we decided to do that instead. 

After a delicious early dinner…

Veggie Burger_Topgolf Tampa

The Topgolf menu was impressive!  I decided to go with their veggie burger and a side of sweet potato fries.

…we played two games of golf. 

Topgolf Tampa

Check out the MIS Facebook page to see a video of just how good I am! Smile

Topgolf is what you get when you combine a regular driving range and the game of darts.  I am by no means good at golfing, but I had an absolute blast.  The dim lighting and fun music gave the whole experience a very hip club-like vibe!

By the time we got home and went to sleep, it was past 2 am.  Who are we?!

Sunday started off with the usual – cleaning and Trader Joe’s.  But it ended with an at home wine and cheese dinner date, Katie’s black bean brownies, and multiple episodes of Friends.  So pretty much perfection!

wine and cheese

And with that, Monday is here.  Make it a great one!

Thanks for reading!

Have you ever been to Topgolf? 

By Parita

9 thoughts on “A Slight Deviation”
    1. I think they only Topgolf in Florida is in Tampa, but when/if they open one in Orlando, definitely go! It was a blast!

  1. I love TopGolf! It’s so addicting! That sounds like a fabulous weekend, especially the wine and cheese date 🙂
    I’m so saddened by the shooting in LaFayette. I don’t know if I would have been up for it either. So scary that those things can literally happen anywhere these days.
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