I can’t wait for the weekend.  I usually don’t like to think that way because it goes against being mindful and living in the present.  BUT this is Vishnu’s first full weekend off in what feels like a very long time, so I can’t wait!

We’re going to take advantage of the Fandango BOGO deal and go see Trainwreck on Friday.  I’ve heard good things!  And Saturday is a designated beach day.  We bought new beach chairs at Target a few weeks ago, and I can’t wait to put them to good use!

Anyway, let’s move on to this week’s Three Things Thursday post.  This week, I’m sharing three things I’m loving lately.

3 Things Thursday

Let’s get to it!

(1) Wet Brush-Pro

Wet brush-pro

My mom gifted me this hairbrush when I went home.  And then she ordered two more for herself!  I love it because no matter how tangled my hair may be, this brush doesn’t snag or pull at all.  The bristles are flexible and leave your hair feeling super soft.

I’ve never put too much thought into my hairbrush, but this one definitely makes me realize what I was missing out on!

(2) Popsugar Active app

Popsugar Active app

I recently downloaded this app and finally got around to using it the other morning.  I’ve been a Popsugar workout fan for a while now and love that this app makes available even more amazing routines.  And they’re categorized by type (strength training, running, yoga, and cardio), which makes it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.  I did a full body strength workout and it. was. tough.  Love having this app as yet another option for a great workout!  I highly recommend you check it out!

(3) TSA Precheck

Vishnu and I finally got around to signing up for TSA precheck.  Our interview/appointment is in a week or so.  I can’t wait to bypass the regular security line for the next next five years.  I didn’t really think it was worth it when Vishnu first mentioned signing up, but after my last few trips, I’m 100% on board!

Well, that’s all I have this week!

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Did you already or do you plan to sign up for TSA Precheck?  I think if you travel semi-frequently, it’s totally worth it.

By Parita

14 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday (19)”
  1. I just signed up for a global entry card. When I went for my interview I found out that it includes the TSA precheck. I had already set up an appointment for the TSA precheck but was told by the global entry agent to cancel it because this card will cover it.

    1. Hmmm…maybe we should look into Global Entry then. I will definitely check it out before our Pre check appt. Thanks!

  2. I curious to hear about your pre-check experience as well! And I’ll be sure to check out the workout app! Hope you have a fabulous weekend with the hubby… Trainwreck is pretty funny!
    Reshma recently posted…To Do List: SleepMy Profile

    1. I think Zara will appreciate it a lot! I remember being a little girl and dreading the whole hair process. This brush would’ve made it a lot less painful!

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