I recently saw an A to Z blog survey on Julie’s blog and thought it would be fun to complete it myself.  It’s been awhile since I’ve (over)shared random tidbits about my life!  Ha!

Here we go!

A – Age: 31

B – Biggest fear: Losing a loved one

C – Current time: 6 pm (I generally write my posts the night before)

D – Drink you last had: Plain water

E – Easiest person to talk to: My sister.  She’s also one of the wittiest and cutest people I know!

Aekta or Taylor – #whoworeitbest

F – Favorite song: A Bollywood song called “Shayad Yehi To Pyar Hain” (maybe this is love)

G – Grossest memory: Oh man!  This one is way too TMI for the blog.  But let’s just say it involved me (and a number of family members) being sick during a trip to India.

H – Hometown: Pawtucket, Rhode island BABY!

I – In love with: [Obviously] Vishnu, summertime, and being home with family!

VP - Italy
J – Jealous of: People who live near family

K – Kindest person you know: My dad.  He has one of the kindest hearts I know!

L – Longest relationship: Me and Vishnu – 10 years and still going strong!

M – Middle name: My maiden name

N – Number of siblings: 1, my sissy!

O – One wish: More love and less hate in the world

P – Person you spoke to on the phone last: My momma

Q – Question you’re always asked: How’s St. Pete?

St. Pete Pier
St. Pete Pier

R – Reason to smile: What’s the alternative?

S – Song you last sang: “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz because it was playing at the Tampa airport as I was boarding my flight.

T – Time you woke up: 6:55 am

U – Underwear color: Black and white

V – Vacation destination: Spain, somewhere in the Caribbean, anywhere really!

W – Worst habit: Interrupting people mid-sentence.  I’m trying really hard to be better about this because it annoys me when people interrupt me!

X – X-rays you’ve had: Dental x-rays…

Y – Your favorite food: Longtime readers know I love anything and everything made with chocolate!  Other than that, I LOVE anything and everything my moms makes.  Her food is da bomb!

Z – Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Have a wonderful weekend!

What’s your worst habit?

By Parita

6 thoughts on “A to Z Blog Survey”
  1. Love finding out new tidbits about friends! Now I know a little more about you! 🙂 My middle name is also my maiden name. Worst habit is…biting my nails. SO GROSS I know. But people can tell that I’m nervous or stressed about something because that’s when I’m guilty of gnawing on my hands the most. Yuck!

    1. I’m getting a haircut this Saturday and am thinking about how short to go! Probably not as short as Aekta but definitely chopping off a few inches. 🙂

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