This was a pretty big week for us here in the MIS household.  Vishnu officially started intern year on Monday!  To be honest, it’s been a little bittersweet for me.  I’m so happy for him (us) and can’t wait to watch him thrive and grow in his career.  And on the flip side, I know I’m not going to see him as much as I have the past few months.  I guess the good outweighs the bad in this situation.  On to bigger things!

And on to this week’s Three Things Thursday as well!3 Things Thursday(1) We ended up going to see Jurassic World last Friday.  And while it wasn’t as good as Jurassic Park, both Vishnu and I enjoyed ourselves.  It was entertaining and fun to watch on the big screen.  And I pretty much held on to Vishnu’s arm the entire second half, so that same feeling of being a little terrified was still there! 

Movie theater selfie 
A “we are scared” pre-movie selfie!

(2) Did you guys know that Fandango offers BOGO movie tickets every Friday through the end of August?  I didn’t either until Vishnu told me!  The only catch is that you have to have a Visa Signature credit card.  We paid $12 for two movie tickets.  $12!!!  That’s unheard of! 

Click here to check if your credit card is a Visa Signature card.  And click here for the Fandango offer.

(3) My third update has nothing to do with going to the movies.  It is, however, a bit more exciting!  I’m heading to London on Saturday for work.  Not only will I get to see my colleagues that I only see a few times a year and eat my favorite porridge from Pret A Manger, but I will also get to meet up with Khushboo

Khushboo and I have been reading each other’s blogs for four years now, and we finally have the opportunity to meet in person since she’s also visiting London right now!  Can’t wait!!

Well, that’s all I have today!  Your turn to share – what are three things you’ve been thinking about/doing this week! If you’re a blogger, write a post and link back to one or all of the hostesses: Raj from Pink Chai Living, Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch, or Salma from The Write Balance. Then share a link to your post (not your blog’s home page).

Thanks for reading!

By Parita

17 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday (16)”
  1. I saw Jurassic World last night finally! It was definitely silly but the scary dinosaur action was on point. And can we talk about Claire wearing those heels the entire movie?!

    London is so exciting! Have a great time! And hope Vishnu is enjoying his interning so far 🙂
    Kacy recently posted…Golfing in BrazilMy Profile

    1. Yes, the heels!! So annoying. I think at one point, I looked at Vishnu and said, “She’s running from dinosaurs in those heels, really?!” Haha!

  2. How super exciting you get to travel to London! Sooo jeally! Can’t wait to hear about your meetup and recap of the city! 🙂 Safe travels, chica!

    1. I know…super excited to meet Khushboo! And don’t you worry, we will meet one day, I know it. 🙂

  3. We just watched Jurassic World last night! Omg… I was screaming so much, Chirag was about to move to another seat! lol… good thing we went on a Wednesday so the theater was half empty. I didn’t know about the BOGO… thanks for sharing that tip!
    That’s so exciting that you get to meet a fellow blogger! I hope you guys have a great time in London! Can’t wait to read about your meet up! 🙂
    Reshma recently posted…Three Things Thursday: Foodie EditionMy Profile

    1. My best friend was just visiting London, and she went to Dishoom and LOVED it. Hopefully we get to go. My boss is planning our meals out! London has some of the best food. Period. Can’t wait!

  4. Have the best time in London! I can’t wait to go but I have another month or so until my trip.

    Pret is SO much better in the UK isn’t it? The NYC branches just don’t have the same appeal…
    Ameena recently posted…15 yearsMy Profile

  5. I haven’t seen Jurassic Park yet, but on Friday we finally saw Pitch Perfect 2 (we don’t get out much lol) and I loved it, so good! And how great that you get to meet in person. Don’t you just love how blogging can bring people together!
    Salma recently posted…Meal Plan – June 29-July 5, 2015My Profile

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