We survived our move this weekend!  And not only are we all moved in, but we’re 95% unpacked as well.  It took a lot of work to get us to this point, but we did it!

When we moved from Fort Lauderdale to Miami two years ago, we hired a moving company to load, drive, and unload all of our stuff.  This also included breaking down our bed and putting it back together and other tasks like that.  And while all of our stuff got to Miami, it was such an ordeal on so many levels.  So this time around we went with a slightly different option.

For this move, we rented a U-Haul truck, bought all of the packing material off the U-Haul website, hired loaders and unloaders, and did all the grunt work ourselves.  I mentioned packing on the blog several times over the past couple of weeks, and while we did pack here and there, the majority of our stuff wasn’t put into boxes until Thursday and Friday.  We also wrapped all of our furniture in industrial sized saran wrap, which sounds like a lot of fun but is literally a pain (my back hurt for days!). 

packing chaos
Packing chaos!

But I think all of our hard work was worth the effort because the move itself was relatively smooth.  The loaders and unloaders arrived on time, the weather cooperated, the U-Haul didn’t break down on Vishnu, nothing was damaged, etc.

As far as unpacking goes, we pretty much used most of Sunday to do just that, as well as organize all of our stuff.  My goal was to get the bathroom, the kitchen, and our bedroom in working order, and we did that plus a little more!

My favorite spot in the new apt!

Something we definitely could have done better is meal planning, and I don’t mean home cooked meals.  I wish I had researched options in our neighborhood so that at any given moment when either of us was hungry something could have been done about it.  We pretty much ate 1.5 meals on Saturday and 1.5 meals on Sunday.  Oh well, you live, get hangry, and learn!

To ensure that the aforementioned scenario doesn’t happen again, we also fit in a quick Target and Trader Joe’s trip (less than a 10 minute drive away!!) on Sunday in between the unpacking mayhem.  No one is going hungry around here anytime soon!

Well, that’s all for now!  I’ll share more about our new city in upcoming posts!

Thanks for reading!

By Parita

10 thoughts on “All Moved In”
  1. Ah congrats on the move, guys- sounds like you guys did a great job! We are in between moving apartments in London and it’s definitely a task. We are currently rolling with the paper plate life ;)! Love your new kitchen- something tells me it’s going to spur on plenty more cooking and recipes!
    Khushboo recently posted…Just a walkMy Profile

  2. I’m like you, I like to get things organized as soon as possible (or it drives me crazy!). Sounds like you guys had a great system. We are starting the process of finding an apartment for our move back to DC, sight unseen. Should be a fun ride 😉

    Have fun settling into your new city!
    Kacy recently posted…Into the Fjord: Saco do MamanguaMy Profile

  3. Wow, 95% unpacked in the first week!? That’s awesome… way to go! When we moved from Atlanta to Dallas, we did the same thing and rented a U-Haul and hired loaders and unloaders. I think it really was the best decision for us because I am very picky on how I like things organized and packed. Just FYI, I think depending on who you hire… they will saran wrap all your furniture before hauling it into the truck… might be worth asking for next time. They did it for us for free. Btw, loving the kitchen! 🙂

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