Hello hello!  We got back from Italy yesterday and are still adjusting to “real life.”  I’m back at work and Vishnu’s getting ready for a boy’s trip to Vegas.  I have so much to share about our trip and plan to do so starting on Friday.  Can’t wait!

In the meantime, Ruchi is guest posting today and sharing more about herself and her business.  Thanks, Ruch…so excited to have you on MIS!

* * * * *

Namaste and Hello!  First off, thank you so much for the support, and special thanks to Parita for opening up her space to me.  I am so excited about guest posting, and I hope it’ll start up some interesting and fun convos!

We thought for the first post it would be a good idea to give you all a little background info.  As Parita mentioned, I met Jai (my husband) in 2007, and we quickly knew that even though our future (as a couple) was not decided just yet, India was definitely in the cards for him.  He always knew he wanted to move back and join the family business.

*Side Note:  When it comes to big decisions in my life, I’m crystal clear – don’t waiver one bit – once I know, I know.  And when it comes to the small decisions, I’m a big mess!  Go figure!  SO, the idea of moving to India was actually okay with me, and I was a ‘yes’ pretty early on.

Anyway, moving on (no pun intended).  In 2010, the big move happened, and that was it – time for India to become my new home, my new permanent home.  Everyone was pretty surprised and worried about how I would adjust, but I guess I tried to be as positive as possible and kept reminding myself that I had to make the most of my new situation.  Yes, I was totally scared, didn’t really know what to expect and basically just felt far away from everything and everyone I knew.  Sometimes though, it’s these things in life that really make you stronger and appreciate all that you already have.  I know, it sounds all perfect storybook and cliché at the same time, but seriously, it’s true.

Driving school like I’m 15 again!

Dressing up for lots of traditional pujas!

Well, before I was even completely settled, Jai suggested I go ahead and start my own business.  At the time, I thought he was absolutely crazy – I mean who starts a business when they’re not even used to this new life and place?!  Not only did I still need to get used to being married, but now I was in a new country, new family, everything!  As usual though, he was right (don’t tell him I said that 🙂 ), and it was probably the best thing I did.

Because fashion has always been a passion of mine, we figured what better place than India to dive right in.  I was then forced to learn Hindi, teach myself how to deal with tailors, learn about fabrics and stitching…basically, I had to learn how to work here – and let me tell you, it is a totally different ball game.  After growing up in the States and knowing that 99% of people work with a proper timetable, are professional and respect you, I really had to bring my expectations down.  But with that came a new appreciation for this new city and seeing how hard some people really do work with such few means.

One of my first sewing projects!

My entire experience has been humbling and exciting and frustrating, and I know this will continue in the coming years as well.  I never would have thought in a million years that I’d 1) be living in India and 2) be running my own business, but I must say, I feel so lucky to be able to do all of this and share my anecdotes with all of you.  Life really does surprise you sometimes.

A little bit of Kolkata – huge festival/puja which takes place in the fall.

Kolkata street food – a must!

So many of the pieces in my line are inspired by my [new] life here and the need to fit in but still feel like myself.  I learn something every single day, and I don’t expect that to stop anytime soon.

Thanks for popping over to listen to my rambling.  I’ll most likely be over here once a month to share stories about my everyday happenings and some fashion advice/tips as well!  We’d love to hear if there are any specific topics you’d like to chat about, so let us know!

In addition to my posts here, I’ll also have my own blog for those who’d like to follow along a little more closely (www.pinkbyruchi.com/blog) and I’m on Instagram @pinkbyruchi (for some #ootd pics and other tid-bits)!

‘Til next time!

* * * * *

Thanks again, Ruchi!  So happy and excited for you!

And happy Wednesday, all! 

By Parita

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  1. Welcome back Parita! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. I really did enjoy this post by Ruchi! Congratulations on your new business! I actually have a friend who permanently made a move back to Mumbai. I thought he was absolutely crazy! He started his own business there as well. Although he has adjusted well there now, he does miss random little things about the U.S. What are some things you miss about living in the States?

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