First and foremost, thank you all so much for the residency match/move love!  We’re excited about all the upcoming changes, and I look forward to sharing more as we go.

So today I have a slightly different kind of post lined up for you.  Today I want to share more about my friend Ruchi and her business.  Her story is a pretty incredible one, and I volunteered to help her share it via my blog.

Ruchi and I met in 2007 through her then boyfriend/now husband who is a friend of mine and quickly became friends ourselves.  I love her spunky personality and fun loving nature. 


Then in 2010 she got married and made a permanent move to India.  We all wondered how she would adjust to living in a familiar but very different country so far from her family and friends.  But guess what…she adjusted just fine.  Actually, better than fine.  Ruchi really embraced her new life – she learned how to drive, she learned how to speak Hindi, and she started her own business – Pink by Ruchi!

pink by ruchi 2

In her own words, Pink by Ruchi is…

Custom. Design. Garments. Pink by Ruchi is the answer to all of your fashion dilemmas. We bring you fresh and unique pieces created to fit your style and needs. The company is one of the first of its kind; producing each product in India while servicing clientele in America and Europe. We specialize in traditional Indian wear, fusion (Indo-Western) and Western, so whether it’s a cocktail dress you desire or an intricate bridal lengha, our team can make it happen.

I can personally attest to the quality of Ruchi’s clothing and design and also to the care she takes in assuring each and every client is satisfied with their purchase.  I bought a super cute dress from her when she was in Atlanta for a trunk show and absolutely loved picking the fabric and talking through the final look.  Made me feel fancy!  But more than anything else, I know how much passion and creativity Ruchi brings to her business.  She really understands the desire to look good and feel confident and aims to bring just that to her clients.

And the best part is that she works with clients in India, the US, and Europe.  Your location almost doesn’t matter! 

If you’re wondering how this whole design-your-own-clothing thing works, I highly recommend checking out her site and booking a free consultation.

If you’re interested in following along as she designs and shares her beautiful clothing, check out the Pink by Ruchi Facebook page and Instagram account.

And finally, this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of Ruchi!  She’s going to guest blog on MIS occasionally and share more about her business and other fun fashion stuff.  Because let’s be honest, I need all the advice I can get!

Do you consider yourself a fashionista?  Have you ever designed your own clothing?

By Parita

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