1. You guys, it’s so cold in Atlanta.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Parts of the country are literally covered with snow, and I’m complaining about being cold.  I get that, trust me I do.  I’m so grateful that the only thing we have to battle is low temps.  However, I’m not used to being cold.  Live in Miami for a few years, and you’ll see.  It spoils you!

On that same note, we lost power at my parent’s house on Tuesday.  I woke up shivering and ran into my parents’ room.  My dad was still at home, so I asked what was going on.  When they said the power was gone, I figured it would come back in an hour or two tops.  Nope.  It was gone until 5:00 pm. 

Because we didn’t want to sit around in a cold house, my mom and I decided to run some errands and monitor the situation via our phones.  It was quite the day!

2. I feel like all I’ve been doing since arriving in Atlanta is eating.  I tend to overdo it a little when I come home because I love my mom’s food (and Atlanta food in general) and don’t get to eat it that often.  Here’s a sample of what we’ve been consuming since last Saturday.

Dosa at Gokul in Decatur.

Shredded eggs and veggies
My mom’s shredded eggs + veggies dish.  Recipe coming soon!

Egg Harbor Cafe
Farmer’s Market Benedict with a Basil Hollandaise at Egg Harbor Cafe.

Kerela dinner

A traditional Kerala meal at Vishnu’s house.  Chickpea curry, bananas, and a rice/coconut/cumin mixture.  SO good.

Not featured – my mom’s green enchiladas, samosa chaat + dahi puri (Indian street food), my mom’s traditional Gujarati food (Indian flat bread, a bean curry dish, mango pulp, lentil soup, and rice), Vishnu’s mom’s dosas and idli, and a few other things I can’t remember.

After a few days at home, I sent this text to Vishnu. 

I ate too much
NOTE: Vishnu spent one night my parents’ house and then went to his parents’ house to hang out with them.  We always split up our time this way. 

3.  I’m so glad we were able to get together with friends this week.  After a day of group texting, my friend Jetan picked the neighborhood, and my friend Farnaz and I picked the restaurant – Tin LIzzy’s in Perimeter. 

Tin Lizzy's
College friends are the best!  I feel like I’ve grown up with all of these people.  They just get me.  The only con…they’re the ones with all the stories! 

4.  My mom didn’t like the tops I brought with me to wear this week (not warm enough), so she went shopping one afternoon and bought me three new sweaters.  I love my mom!

5.  The original plan was to drive to Knoxville tomorrow evening with Vishnu’s parents and brother to visit his uncle’s family.  But because the weather forecast is predicting freezing rain and super low temps, we nixed the trip and instead decided to spend the weekend in Atlanta.  While I’m sad that we won’t get to see Vishnu’s aunt, uncle and cousins (they are SO cute), I’m excited to spend time at home relaxing and hanging out. 

Have a great weekend!

By Parita

21 thoughts on “Atlanta Thoughts”
  1. Hi Parita,

    Glad you had a good stay in Atl despite the cold and not having electricity! a stark contrast to the Miami weather I guess!
    All the food listed looks and sounds delicious. I live about 10 mins from Egg Harbor Cafe. Can’t wait for your mom’s recipe. That dish looks really interesting!
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  2. I looove going home to my parents. They only live an hour away but they’re jetsetters so they’re always traveling some where in the world! So when they ARE home, I make a point to go home and stuff my face silly with delicious food! Om nom nom! I totally hear ya on the cold. Ermagerd. It’s -26 in Ann Arbor today. UNSWEET. NOT AMUSED. Go home Michigan, you’re drunk! I remember last year for the 2013/2014 new year we were going to spend it at my parents because they were actually home. My very pregnant sister, BIL, hubby, myself all trekked up to my parents house and then they got hit with an ice storm and lost power! Luckily our house is only an hour away in A2, so we packed up and headed to my house to spend Christmas/New Year’s! Ridiculous.

    Anyway, stay warm this weekend and please do share the recipe for shredded eggs! Sounds so good 🙂 And let me know what kind of cleanse you do. I’ve always kind of wanted to do one, but I’ve always chickened out :-X

    1. I cannot even begin to imagine what that weather is like! We’re back in Miami now and it was in the 80s today!! Stay warm, my friend!

      And yes, will share the recipe soon!

  3. GAH – I missed you again! 🙁
    It has been so so cold here – I hope we have an extra hot, extra dry summer!

    1. I KNOW 🙁 I’m sorry! I worked during the week and then went over to Vishnu’s house the following weekend. We’ll be back again in the next few months!

    1. My MIL made dosas twice during our visit, and I definitely ate 4 (they eat them plain!). So good!

      And I’ll share the recipe soon…it’s a good one!

  4. I can’t wait for that shredded egg and veggies recipe from your mom. Gotta try it. Wow… so in Kerela cuisine, bananas are served with the actual meal? Really? I did not know that. That’s interesting. I have the exact same plate at my mom’s house with the blue flowers… Corelle is at every Indian parent’s home. 🙂
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    1. I don’t know if it’s a Kerela thing or a Vishnu’s family thing. Either way, it was soo good! And yes, Corelle is an Indian family staple 🙂

  5. Wow, puttu-kadala-pazham! 🙂 I love that breakfast… Add a cup of steaming kaapi and I am in heaven.

    Where do Vishnu’s parents live in ATL?


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