Hello hello!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend. 

Aside from running the Miami half marathon on Sunday, we are attending a good friend’s wedding the rest of the weekend.  The Sangeet was last night, and the wedding is this afternoon.  I love love!

Anyway, sit back, relax, and enjoy my favorite reads from the week.  I think you’ll agree that I found some good ones!


7 Ways to Lose Belly FatGuess what…this list doesn’t include doing a million crunches!

4 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working + What To Do About ItThis pretty much summarizes my relationship with food…good stuff!

4 Reasons to Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Diet – Agree with all of these points.  Ditch the diet mentality!

7 of the Most Persistent Nutrition Myths – #1 and #7


Let Go of These 10 Items to Jumpstart Decluttering – I love decluttering and donate/throw away things all the time (much to Vishnu’s dismay!).

Please don’t punish yourself.Love everything by Danielle!

THE POWER OF MENTORSHIP – Such a powerful post.  A must read!

7 Reasons Writing Will Improve Your Life – Personally, I think everyone should start their own blog.  But even if you don’t want to do that, keep a journal.  It’s so important!

When You Start Doing These 15 Things, Your Quality Of Life Will ImproveLiving a better life means focusing on YOURSELF!

The Invaluable Importance of Movement“When something you make doesn’t work, it didn’t work, not you. You, you work. You keep trying.”

Solve Your Problems with Energy Communication

Light is fast; it only takes a moment to let it out. If you accept you are energy itself, and don’t block it with over thinking, doubts, and fears, you will always communicate pure energy and hope. That’s the beginning of a solution to any problem. As the Beatles sang, “All you need is love,” and love is what you already are.


A Circuit Workout To Get Your Whole Body Toned & Trima great circuit to get your heart rate up.


15 Vegan Protein Sources Vegans/vegetarians CAN get more than enough protein!

GF Black Bean Avocado Brownies – A twist on the traditional black bean brownie recipe.

Gluten-Free Coconut Banana BreadHow delicious does this look and sound?  This will definitely be made at some point during the weekend.


29 True Crime Books Fans Of “Serial” Should Read – Serial lovers, this one’s for you!

What It’s Like To Turn 30 In 3 Hilarious Charts – HILARIOUS and so true!


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