Year of Calm

While I hope to accomplish a lot this year, I didn’t create a long laundry list of goals/resolutions.  In fact, I only have one thing on my mind.  And that is to make 2015 the “year of calm.”

Let me explain.

This is going to be a huge year for me and Vishnu.  We have lots of travel on the horizon, including a 12 day trip to Italy in April!  We will also likely be moving again this summer.  I say likely because we don’t know where yet…we find out in March.  And these are just the things we know are coming.

In the past, when I’ve had big changes looming around the corner and/or lots of unknown factors in my life, my gut reaction was to freak out.  Not so much in a panic attack kind of way but more so an internal freak out.  I would end up trying to do a million things at once and not do anything well.  I would take out my frustrations on Vishnu which is totally not fair.  And my unhappiness with the way I was handling the situation would bring me down even further.

If I don’t change the way I process stressful situations, I know with 100% certainty all of the above will happen.  And I don’t want it to.  Of course, there will be stress and a freak out here and there.  That’s normal.  But I don’t want it to consume me and inevitably Vishnu.  I want us to enjoy this year and soak it all in – all the travel we have coming up, our remaining time in Miami, the move to X city, etc.

The “year of calm” has a lot to do with changing my attitude, being proactive, focusing on what’s in my control and letting everything else go, etc.  However, these things aren’t just going to happen because I want them to.  I know I have to put in some effort and work to get there.

The one practice I’ve already implemented is sitting in silence for 10 minutes everyday.  I’m not going to call this meditation (yet) because at this point it’s just me + silence + a 10 minute timer (i.e. my iPhone).  I focus on my breathing, my posture, and my state of mind.  It was a little weird at first, but I’m enjoying it now.  It’s the ultimate “me” time.

While the sitting in silence thing is my number one priority, I also want to break my iPhone addiction, especially when I’m with Vishnu.  And while I’m at it, I hope to cut back on mindless social media browsing as well.

Overall, it’s my belief that by creating a calm environment internally, I’ll be able to process and manage all the changes/stress headed our way.  And maybe even enjoy the journey…?!

Here’s to 2015…the year of calm!

Did you set any goals/resolutions for 2015?  What’s the one thing you’d like to accomplish this year?

By Parita

30 thoughts on “2015: The Year of Calm”
  1. I can completely relate to your goals for this year Parita! Cutting down on using the cell phone one and the social media browsing are 2 big ones for me as well.
    Glad to see that the big changes coming up are not freaking you out and you are going about it in a more practical manner. Changes although scary can be exciting. Here’s to exciting times ahead!

    1. Thanks, Gia! Whenever I do start to feel a little panicky, I remind myself that this is a very exciting time for us and that I need to embrace it. Great things have happened to me when I’ve just let life takeover and not resisted. Plan to keep doing just that!

    1. I love your adventure and community goals! I can’t wait to see where 2015 takes you…hopefully to visit me at some point!

  2. I am exactly the same way when it comes to uncertainty. Tom bears the brunt of it often as well. It kind of seems like each year I get a little better at seeing the bigger picture and not freaking out as much, but it’s definitely something I’ve had to work on – and still have a LONG way to go! I think that’s a wonderful aim for 2015. Can’t wait to hear about the Italy trip and the new city!
    Kacy recently posted…Week in Review: Can I get a good brunch?My Profile

    1. Thanks, Kacy! Glad to know I’m not alone. And I can’t wait for Italy either. All I think about is the wine and food!

    1. Happy happy new year, Kiran!

      And thank you for your sweet comment! I’m trying my best to not let stress take over my life this year 🙂 Hopefully I can keep it up!

      Please give our best to your family! And here’s to 2015!

  3. You are such a ray of positivity, P- love this…especially the bit about breaking up with your iPhone in the company of others. That’s definitely I want (and need) to work on. I can’t wait to see where life takes you guys next- would you want to move back to ATL?

    1. Thank you, my friend! And yes, one day we’ll move back to ATL but probably not in the next few years. 🙂

  4. I can’t believe I haven’t visited y’all and you guys are moving! ahhh!

    My new years resolution will be a simple one – read this blog more! 🙂

  5. Love the idea of the year of Calm. Your vacation sounds so exciting. I too sit in silence for 10 minutes each day. I fell out of practice over the holidays – thank you for the reminder to start again!

    1. Thank you, Taslim! it’s definitely something I have to keep in mind on a daily basis. But the small effort is so worth it.

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