I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I was in Atlanta last week for a work training.  It was a great and exhausting few days.  I had every intention of blogging, but all I wanted to do was sleeeeeeep! 

Now that I’m all rested, let’s catch up!

1.  My time in Atlanta was great.  Not only because the training was helpful but I also got to see my parents.  They drove down to my hotel on Wednesday night after work to spend a couple of hours with me.  They are the absolute best!  I may have shed a few tears after they left!

2.  I got an iPhone 6.  Thank goodness because my 4s was most definitely on its way out.  The alarm clock feature stopped working, and my battery would die at 50% charge.  So frustrating!  I like the 6 more than I thought it would.  The best part is that it’s super fast and light.  I love how the keyboard is nice and big, which means I avoid as many embarrassing typos as possible!

3.  Friday night was date night at a new-to-us sushi restaurant.  Vishnu’s elaborate baked roll was apparently perfection.  My veggie roll could have used some work.  For one, there was waaaaay too much rice.  Luckily, the age tofu and miso egg drop soup appetizers were great and filled me up!  And a full glass of wine doesn’t hurt either.

date night wine
4.  You guys!  Order the Oh She Glows cookbook NOW!  It is a vegetarian/dairy-free eater’s dream come true!  I love how Angela only uses real/fresh ingredients and tons of herbs/spices in each and every recipe.  I made both the lentil walnut meatloaf and the peanut butter/chocolate chip energy balls this weekend!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I can see this being my go to cookbook!

oh she glows cookbook

5.  I found dairy-free chocolate chips at Target!  There are no words for how excited I was to find these Enjoy Life Foods dark chocolate chips.  All I can say is YAY!  Dairy-free chocolate desserts here I come!


6.  My 2014 travels are winding down.  My last trip of the year is TODAY!  I’m flying to DC for a work related meeting, and then it’s two more weeks of work before a whole 12 days off!!!  I. Can’t. Wait!!!  I’m just a tiny bit excited about this.  Haha.

Now that we’re all caught up, have a great Monday!

Catch me up!  What’s going on in your life?

By Parita

6 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up”
  1. Wowie these last few months have been filled with travel- fun but I bet you can’t wait for some down time :)! How awesome is the iPhone 6, especially after the 4s! As geeky as it sounds, I think my favourite feature is the fingerprint unlocking…so much more efficient than typing in the passcode every time!
    Khushboo recently posted…Currently (December 2014)My Profile

    1. Me too! In a way it worked out though because I hear there are going to be protests in the Dupont area. Next time for sure!

    1. I’m sorry I missed you too! I actually never left the hotel, hence my parents having to come to me. I’ll be coming to Atlanta a few times next year so we will definitely meet up! It’s my personal mission!

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