Needless to say, training didn’t go according to plan this week.  But I did the best I could under the circumstances.

Here’s what week 2 looked like:

Sunday – 2.5 mile walk with my sister
Monday – T25 Alpha Speed 1.0
Tuesday – T25 Beta Rip’t Circuit
Wednesday – OFF
Thursday – OFF
Friday – OFF
Saturday – 3.25 mile run

Since I was able to get the 3.25 mile run in on Saturday, I stuck with the plan and flip flopped the 6 mile run that was supposed to happen at the end of week 2 with week 3’s 5K.

Here’s to at least a few more miles this week!

I don’t have too much else to report this week.  I have a few updates to share about a dietary change I’m experimenting with and a fun new way I’m stretching.  More to come soon!

On to the second part of today’s post.  These are the big things that irk me when I’m out for a run or at the gym…fitness pet peeves of mine if you will.

Fitness pet peeves

  • Smoking while walking on an outdoor running/walking trail.  Maybe it’s just Miami but this happens way more than it should (which is never!!!).
  • Texting while running/walking.  I had someone crash into me because of this once.  Can’t make this stuff up!
  • Not moving over on a narrow path to accommodate the person running/walking towards them.  It’s just common courtesy.
  • Not wiping down your cardio machine after you just sweat all over it.  GROSS!
  • Not putting the weights back on the rack and instead leaving them strewn across the gym floor.  DANGEROUS!
  • Leaving a dirty/wet towel behind after a workout.  GAH!

I’m getting irritated just listing this out.  Better stop now before I blow up at Vishnu for no reason.  Haha.

What are some of your fitness pet peeves?

In case you’re interested, here are links to my weekly recaps:

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11 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week 2 and Fitness Pet Peeves”
  1. Even though your training ached didn’t go as planned, well done on the rest of your workouts !! Your pet peeves made me laugh…another one to add to the list is men coming up to you and telling you that the weight will be to heavy. Nothing gives me more satisfaction that lifting the said weight and seeing that expression (and I’m not talking about anything crazy heavy at all which made me all the more peeved at the time) haha!
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  2. I think it’s a perfect week. You made a nice schedule. Just need to implement nicely. Looking forward to your next update. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us:)

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