I’m going to take a leaf out of Jen’s book (blog!) today and complete a fun ‘ing’ survey.  Feel free to play along in the comments or even on your own blog!  I’d love to read your answers to a few or all of these.

Making: plans with my sister about what we’re going to do when she and her boyfriend visit us at the end of December!

Cooking: more Indian food!  I have two dishes planned for this week.

Drinking: lots of unsweetened tea from Publix.  It’s our favorite!

Reading: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  Almost done!

Wanting: jeans that fit me perfectly.  The quest continues…

Looking: forward to spending time with my sister next week and being in my friend Monica’s wedding!!!

Playing: phone tag with a lot of people.

Wasting: time thinking about what I’m wasting…haha!

Sewing: I don’t sew!

Wishing: everyone strength, love and light. It was Diwali last week, so consider this my belated Diwali wish!

Enjoying: Miami’s fabulous weather – love this time of year here!

Waiting: for the World Series to be over so that I can watch New Girl and The Mindy Project again.

Liking: the fact that Vishnu’s schedule is not filled with studying!  More time for me!

Wondering: what our next city will be.  New city = new adventure!

Loving: that my company is giving us 12 days off at the end of the year so that we don’t have to use our own PTO (paid time off)!!! 

Hoping: my sister likes what I got her for her birthday!

Marveling: at all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we’ve seen over the past few weeks.

Needing: about one more hour of sleep every night.  Working on it!

Smelling: lavender scented candles.  My favorite!

Wearing: dresses and shorts…anything else will cause overheating.

Following: lots of new blogs, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts!

Noticing: how changing my perspective/attitude has a huge impact on pretty much everything (finally putting into practice what I’ve conceptually known forever).

Knowing: that everything happens for a reason.

Thinking: about how precious life really is (both a beautiful and slightly terrifying thought).

Feeling: a little nervous about my half marathon training…that starts today!

Bookmarking: slow cooker recipes.  VIshnu found a great deal for one this weekend, so we are now the proud owners of a crock pot!

Opening: myself up to new ways of thinking and doing things.

Giggling: at almost everything The Fat Jewish posts on Instagram!


By Parita

4 thoughts on “‘ING’ Survey”
  1. Hhaha YES about the Fat Jewish- definitely one of my favorite Instagram accounts that I am following! Your company sounds like a great place to work at- 12 extra days off sound wonderful! Right now I am loving that it’s almost the end of the work day and I ticked off everything on my work to-do list :)!

    Happy Monday, P!
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  2. Will do! Vishnu (I was his helper) made meatballs tonight using it. If they turn out ok, I’ll share the recipe!

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