My love for Trader Joe’s is still going strong. So strong in fact that I wake up at 7:30 am on either Saturday or Sunday to grocery shop there. While the getting up early part is not fun at all, the ample parking, clear aisles, and stocked shelves are enough to keep me going.

A few months ago I wrote a post about 10 awesome Trader Joe’s products. Looking back, those are some of the more basic things I purchase on a weekly basis. Since then, I’ve expanded my list of awesome products. Things that are too good not to share!

8 [More] Awesome Trader Joe’s Products

1. Fig spread. This is now one of Vishnu’s favorite condiments. He loves it in his turkey and Muenster cheese sandwiches, and I love it in my egg and cheese sandwiches. This sweet spread pairs so well with savory ingredients.

Trader Joe's 034
2. Coconut oil spray. LOVE this stuff. While I still like to use an olive oil spray for more savory dishes, this coconut one is perfect for baked goods.

Trader Joe's 037
3. Masala burgers. These burgers deserve a post of their own. They taste like samosa filling and are the perfect substitute for patties in Ragda Patties.

Trader Joe's 038
4. 21 Seasoning Salute. This is another recent purchase that we’ve come to love. It includes traditional spices like garlic, black pepper, onion, etc., as well as things like carrot, orange peel, and tomato granules. I’ve used it in both a stir-fry dish and a vegetarian chili.

Trader Joe's 036
5. Organic Brown Rice and Quinoa Pasta.  While we still love the Brown Rice pasta I mentioned in my previous post, the texture of this pasta is better.  And again, even Vishnu loves it, so you know it has to be good!

Trader Joe's 043
6. Light Champagne Vinaigrette Salad Dressing.  I prefer homemade salad dressings, but on the days I don’t want balsamic, this dressing is perfect.  It has a slight tang that goes nicely with raw/roasted veggies and tofu.

Trader Joe's 039
7. Organic Stone Ground Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.  These chips are amazing!  They have a rich, nutty taste and the perfect amount of salt.  LOVE!

Trader Joe's 044
8. Corn & Wheat Tortillas.  My mom found similar tortillas at their local Sprouts and raved about how much she and my dad loved the flavor.  These obviously aren’t the same as the ones she bought, but we too love the corn and wheat combination.  They don’t fall apart like corn tortillas and don’t have a doughy texture like flour/wheat tortillas…essentially, this is the perfect tortilla!

Trader Joe's 041
What are some of your favorite grocery store buys (Trader Joe’s or not)?

By Parita

17 thoughts on “8 [More] Awesome Trader Joe’s Products”
  1. Why oh why do we not have a Trader Joes in Mumbai- it sounds like foodie heaven! I especially love the sound of those burgers…are they soy-based? I have a client in New York who is looking for a decent veggie burger- will def let her know about these.
    Khushboo recently posted…Workout talkMy Profile

    1. So they are all veggie! And if I remember correctly, they have 8 grams of protein each. Not too shabby, especially when paired with chickpea stew!

    1. When we went this past week, my husband pointed out the PB cups! They look so good but we have 0 self control… 🙂

    1. Why don’t you get it?! Do you not like the products? Come to Miami, we can shop together and I’ll show you what’s so great about it!

  2. I love trader joe’s. Did a post too. 🙂
    I can vouch for the corn & wheat tortillas and coconut oil spray.
    I actually use the spray on my eggs, doesn’t taste sweet, it’s just so much more less fat than using EVOO in a castiron skillet.
    And I love the taste of the tortillas too.
    I need to look into that fig butter.
    Honey What’s Cooking recently posted…Trader Joe’s Friday – 10.24.14My Profile

    1. TJs has Uttapam!? And you must try the burgers – I’d love to see what recipes you come up with using them!

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