While in Chicago and London, I discovered a few new items that have quickly become some of my favorite things. Thanks to my coworkers Toni and Thea and the sweet cashiers at Sephora I can say that I am in love with these purchases and will be going back for more!

And what kind of person would I be if I didn’t share my new loves with all of you!

Let’s start at the top left corner.

I first heard about this Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz pencil from Thea, one of the best saleswomen I know. I figured there had to be something to this pencil when she raved about it more than once! Honestly, I’ve never used anything for my brows but decided to give this a go since they could use a bit more definition. You guys, this pencil is legit. The medium brown color is very natural and soft, and the pencil itself is easy to use. I highly recommend Anastasia Brow Whiz to anyone looking for something new to use and/or an eyebrow newbie like me.

Moving to the top right.

I had no idea who Cath Kidston was until we were walking down a street in London and happened to see a store on our way to lunch. Toni loves this particular designer so we decided to pop in and take a look. I fell in love with a number of bags but not necessarily the price tags. However, I did end up buying a cute little cardholder/wallet thingy. The design isn’t quite the same as the picture above – the one I bought has a dark blue background and a beautiful floral design – but it’s essentially the same thing. This little wallet is perfect because it fits in all my little purses and holds just what I need (I am so not a big purse person!). LOVE!

On to the bottom right.

Loft. Lou & Grey. Thank you, Thea! I first heard about Lou & Grey from Thea when I saw her wearing a cute zip-up sweater back in July. I loved how comfortable AND stylish it was. She told me all about how Loft carries this particular line and how amazing the pieces are – great material, texture, etc. I was sold! However, it wasn’t until last month when I actually made my own purchase…or two! I bought the sweater tunic pictured above as well as a dressy sweatshirt top (best way to describe it!). And now I want all things Lou & Grey! If you’re into very simple design that’s both comfy and trendy, I highly recommend you check it out.

Finally the bottom left.

After years of trying everything under the sun, I think I’ve finally found my ideal foundation. The Hourglass Immaculate Liquid-Powder foundation is perfect for those with oily, acne-prone skin (i.e. me!). A little bit goes a long way and the finish is smooth and matte. Unlike most other liquid foundations I’ve tried, this doesn’t leave any weird streaks or blotches. When I told the ladies at Sephora that the new BareSkin Bareminerals foundation didn’t work for me, they told me they weren’t fans either. When I asked about what would be good for my skin type, both girls (almost in unison) said Hourglass. I got a sample, loved it, and now own a full size bottle. If anything changes, I’ll let y’all know, but for now, I think I found a keeper!

Well, that about covers my new favorite things.  Have a great weekend!

FYI – this post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for your continued support!

P.S. Happy birthday to two of my favorite people in the world – my hubs and my sissy!

Tell me – what are some of your new favorite finds?

By Parita

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