I’m not a monthly goal setter. However, after spending a month away from home, eating pretty much whatever I wanted, and exercising sporadically at best, I think it’s time to set some goals.

It’s actually perfect because I’m only travelling one weekend (this coming one) this month. Time to get my s*** together!

GOAL 1: Eat five out of seven dinners at home. This one should be easy since both Vishnu and I are sick of eating out.


GOAL 2: Work out 5 times a week (3 days running and 2 days strength training). I signed up for the Miami Half Marathon (more to come!), and I plan to train for 12 weeks. That means my “formal” training begins at the end of the month. Wish me luck!


GOAL 3: Get at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night. This one is huge because it impacts every other area of my life. Vishnu’s schedule is a little all over the place this month, so this is going to take a more concerted effort on my part…but I can do it!

GOAL 4: Finish the three partially read books on my Kindle. It’s like I have book ADD. I start something, become engrossed, and then find something else. Not this month though! This is the month I finish what I started!

First book to finish!

GOAL 5: Plan two date nights and actually follow through on the plans (i.e. no excuses!). Like I said, Vishnu’s schedule is a little all over the place. This month’s rotation involves shift work, so while he isn’t working every day, the days he is working are long. He shared his schedule earlier this week, and I think we can fit in two dates. *Fingers crossed!*

Happy October, everyone!

Do you set daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals? Do you tend to stick to them?

By Parita

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