Every year around this time, Vishnu turns into this crazy guy who only talks about football.  Fantasy football.

Quarterback this, tight end that, points this, playoff that.

Honestly, I never really cared about all the hype.  It actually annoyed me that football ruled our lives.

Football Fantasy 2

Until this year that is.

This year a group of eight girls in Chicago decided to find out what all the hype is about.  They wanted to know why their husbands/fiances/boyfriends spend hours agonizing over something called a draft.  They wanted to understand why someone would “throw away” hundreds of dollars in multiple fantasy leagues.  They wanted to understand why the crazy smack talk was even necessary.

And so the girls set up their own fantasy football league (with the help of my awesome colleague Thea!).  They picked a date and time to conduct their draft.  They created a draft order.  They came up with fun names for their teams (i.e. Par’s a Playa, Show Me Your TDs, Anksta’s Gangstas, The Plastics).  They even have a “no involvement from your significant other” rule.

And then they drafted their teams.

Sure some of them may have picked players based on how strong they looked or by how cool their names are or if their names sounded vaguely familiar.  But let’s be honest, most picked top ranked players because that’s what the system told them.

And of course, the night of their draft Yahoo was acting up and randomly kicking people off.

But these eight girls persevered.  Even though none of them had ever participated in anything like this before, they persevered.

Fantasy Football
This year’s goal!

And now…let the games begin!

By Parita

4 thoughts on “FFF: Fantasy Football Friday”
    1. Hi Kacy! I hope you get some good turnout for your league. We had a lot of momentum going into our draft – I hope it sticks! Haha.

    1. I was just like you! I didn’t get it at all – I mean I understand football but just not the hype and craziness! I’m hoping my fantasy league brings more clarity and unites me and Vishnu this year!

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