After a long hiatus, Par’s Picks is back! I can’t promise that this is going to be a weekly thing like I originally planned, but I hope to be as regular with it as possible.

Let’s get the party started!


Let’s Do Ourselves A Favor And Stop Saying ‘Happy Birthday’ On Facebook – A really interesting article on why we should stop doing this. I still wish people HB on FB but only those I’ve talked to in the last six months or so.

Love Mantra – A beautiful take on the differences between love and fear.

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Married – Amen! I love my husband more than anything in the world but all of these are so true, but that’s NORMAL!

You Can’t Have It All? – A different perspective on the Indra Nooyi article about women not being able to have it all.

Robin William’s death: a reminder that suicide and depression are not selfish – Like for so many, news of Robin William’s death made my heart ache for days. All I can think about is how could someone who made millions of people so happy feel so sad. In the past few days, I’ve read a lot of articles talking about depression and suicide. This one in particular stuck with me, so I thought I would share.

“A brilliant but tortured individual has taken his own life, and this is a tragedy. But levelling ignorant accusations of selfishness certainly won’t prevent this from happening again. People should never be made to feel worse for suffering from something beyond their control.”


5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism in the Morning – Love these common sense tips!

Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Cut Out Entire Food Groups for Weight Loss – THANK YOU!

5 Food Rules To Get Naturally Glowing Skin – Good rules to follow no matter what!


10 Reasons Why I Love Your BlogI agree with all this points, and to be honest, I’m working on quite a few of these myself!


Five Restaurant Menu Tricks (and How to Avoid Falling for Them) – Remember these the next time you eat out!


Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit – This workout is only 10 minutes but you will work hard so get ready!

Total Body Toning Strength & HIIT Cardio Workout – Fat Burning Workout to Tone Up Fast – A great workout that combines full-body strength with HIIT cardio. I honestly didn’t expect to be sore after this but I was…err…still am a little!


This 14-Year-Old Genius Could Put a Stop to Cyberbullying – I don’t know this girl personally, but I am so proud of her! Kids like this give me so much hope for our future.

Happy weekend!

By Parita

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