Happy Friday! I hope y’all have a fun weekend planned.

My friend Purvi got in last night and is staying with me this weekend! We haven’t really hung out in over two years (since our weddings), so I’m so excited to spend some quality time with her!  And by really I mean one-on-one!

So over the past couple of weeks, I’ve made some great discoveries. More specifically, I’ve found two FREE at home workouts, two FREE podcasts, and one FREE (duh!) blog.

It’s actually kind of amazing how much free stuff you can find online when you just take a second to look. But you don’t have to look any further today because I’m sharing everything I’ve found with you!

FREE workouts

This total body barre workout by Fitness Blender is great!  I honestly didn’t know what to expect (never done barre before) but was pleasantly surprised by how challenging and fun the workout was.  Talk about burn!  As someone who doesn’t utilize the pulsing method in her workouts, I was burning all over the place.  And all you need is a pair of light (2-3 pound) dumbbells and a chair.

This 30 minute dance workout by Fitsugar is great for those days where you don’t really want to exercise but have the urge to move.  I wasn’t sweating bullets by the end but definitely felt a little burn in my arms, shoulders, legs, and abs.  The 30 minutes goes by super fast, and despite the word dance being in the title, I think anyone could easily do this workout.  Just expect some Zumbaish moves (re: the grapevine) along with more traditional core stuff (re: plank variations).

FREE podcastsimageOprah.com’s Spirit Channel podcast is awesome!  Fair warning – as the name implies, a lot of what is discussed is rooted in spirituality and spiritual transformation.  If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t subscribe to this podcast.  Personally, I find the interviews and conversations thought-provoking and grounding.  imageThe Smart Passive Income podcast is a must for anyone looking to take their online business or blog to the next level.   Each episode is full of tips, ideas, stories, and smart thinking that are 100% relevant and applicable.  I honestly can’t believe this one is available for free!

FREE blog

I recently stumbled across this blog – Vishnu’s Virtues.  And no, I’m not sharing it because the author has the same name as my husband!  I’m sharing it because the posts I’ve read so far really resonated with me.  So many golden nuggets!

Well, that’s all I have for today!  I hope you find at least one of these FREE things to be of value to you.

By Parita

14 thoughts on “New FREE Discoveries”
  1. I just peaked in to the blog Vishnu’s Virtues and found it very interesting and enjoyed what I read. Miss you my SUNSHINE!!

  2. I loooove fitness blender!! The workout alone is so quiet, so i always put music on in the background to make them go by faster! But the exercises are amazing! And I love seeing the amount of time left, somehow it motivates me, especially if all i have time to do is 12 minutes! They are so effective! I’ve never tried the barre one, but now I have to find it! 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to try more workouts. And I love your idea of turning on music because it is a little too quiet!

  3. I have been intrigued by barre workouts for awhile now, but being on a budget, I really didn’t want to pay for a class – but now – thanks to you – I can give it a go! Parita you rock!

    For a sec, I thought you and Vishnu were gonna be a husband/wife power blogging team…oh well…I am heading over to check out those golden nuggets…
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    shashi @ runninsrilankan recently posted…Taming The Need For Change…My Profile

    1. Let me know what you think, Shashi! I think you’ll like it – it’s challenging in a different way. 🙂

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