While things have ramped down a little bit around here, I feel like they’re going to pick back up just like that.  Between mine and Vishnu’s travel schedules for the rest of the year, things are going to be nuts!  In the last week alone, I’ve booked four separate trips…and that’s just the beginning.  Oy vey!  More on all that to come later.

Vishnu and I finally got around to “celebrating” our 2nd wedding anniversary and 9th dating anniversary this week.  Our original plan was to go out to a fancy shmancy restaurant for a meal that would have cost more than we’ve ever paid for food before.  But luckily we came to our senses and decided to keep it low key and opted for Shake Shack instead.  It was honestly what we both needed and wanted.  He was exhausted from studying, and I had a busy day at work.  All we wanted to do was eat decent food and talk…and Shake Shack delivered!

Shake Shack Miami
Vishnu got the Smokehouse burger and a B&W milkshake, while I ordered the Portobello burger and a PB + chocolate shake…with a side of fries to share of course.

Like I said, just what we needed!

An elevator selfie to remember the night!

After we got home, I sat down on the couch and didn’t get up for another hour or so.  Why?  Oh because I’m binge watching another show…New Girl.  I have problems!  But at least they’re fun problems!  I am almost done with Season 1 and just now really beginning to love all the characters.  I’m hoping I can stretch this show out until the new season premieres in September.  We’ll see…I don’t exactly have the best record with this stuff!

On to the second part of this post!

Selena from Nom Nom Crunch nominated me for the Liebster Award,  and she came up with 10 questions for me to answer.  So here we go!!

What are your top 5 workout playlist songs?
I usually listen to podcasts when I workout and therefore haven’t updated my playlist in a VERY long time.  But the five songs that always pump me up no matter what are…

1. Culo – Pitbull
2. Desi Girl (a Bollywood song)
3. Gasolina – Daddy Yankee
4. Give Me Everything – Pitbull
5. Wake Me Up – Avicii

I’m never in the know when it comes to music, so if you have any good recs, let me know!

What’s one food you wish you could learn to like?
Cilantro.  Unfortunately, I’m a member of the “cilantro tastes gross” club.  Event though I’m slowly coming around, it’s not something I would choose to eat given the option.

Your biggest pet peeve.
It’s hard to pick just one!  Haha.  But if I had to choose, I would say it’s when people are knowingly inconsiderate.

Your go-to snack.
It changes by the week, but recently it’s been Greek yogurt mixed together with a little bit of PB and honey.  YUM. 

Your favorite quote.
“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “woo hoo – what a ride!”

What is one thing you try to do every day?
As cheesy as it sounds…I try to laugh as much as possible everyday.  Laughter really is exercise for the soul!

Name one TV show you feel guilty or embarrassed to admit you actually like.
The Bachelor/Bachelorette.  Well, that’s a half truth.  I’ve only ever watched one season all the way through, but I always try to tune in for the first episode and the last episode.

How and why did you pick your blog name?
I wanted to incorporate the Indian culture into my blog name, so that’s where the Shakti part comes from.  The original plan was to go with just Inner Shakti, but Vishnu thought the My added a little bit to it and I agreed.  Honestly, I wanted something that highlighted the fact that everything starts with us as individuals, especially what’s inside of us (not in the literal sense though).  Anyways, that’s how My Inner Shakti was named!

What is your favorite workout? (Running? Yoga? Crossfit? Kettlebells?)
Hands down – running!  It’s not always easy, but I find that it’s always worth it.  I’ve never come home from a run and regretted it.

Who inspires you?
My husband, parents, sister, and grandparents are my biggest inspirations.  But I try to find inspiration in everyone that I meet and connect with.  I find that when I really pay attention, everyone has something to offer.

Thanks for nominating me, Selena!  And have a great Friday everyone!

By Parita

5 thoughts on “Quick Update + The Liebster Award”
  1. Ohh I feel you on the cilantro- ick! I’ve tried to get myself to like it because it would open up so many new options meal-wise but I just can’t…what kinda Indians are we!! Happy anniversary to you & Vishnu…celebrating at Shake Shack sounds perfect!!

  2. I really LOVE cilantro…but I know it’s not for everyone. 🙂

    Happy Anniversary! I hope your travels bring you back to NYC so we can meet up this time.

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