My last blog post was a little misleading.  While I did eat lots of good food and have fun, the reason for my trip to Chicago was actually a work related training.

I love personal development type training sessions!  This one was no different.  I got to meet lots of new people, learn more about the business and what others do, and gain new insights about myself.  LOVE!

The most insightful part of the training was when we discussed the equation
Event + Reaction = Outcome.  We talked a lot about how the different lenses we use to view the world effect our reaction to all of the events we experience on a daily basis.  And our reaction (+/-) shapes the ultimate outcome (+/-).  My big takeaway was that I need to chose my lenses very carefully!

The following exercise was especially powerful.  I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with y’all.

Ok, so watch this video and do exactly as they say.  And DON’T scroll down until after you have done so!

A little space in case you accidently scroll down!




The first time we watched this video, I didn’t see the gorilla at all.  Nor did I see the girl on the black team leave.  Nor did I notice the background color change.

I was SHOCKED!  How did I not notice any of those things!?

Well, it was because I was SO focused on counting how many times the white team passed the basketball.  At least I got that right!

This exercise made me realize I need to open my mind up a little more.  Sometimes I get so focused on a particular task I overlook everything else.  While focus is great, I don’t want to miss the important “gorillas” that show up in my life.

Basically, I need to use my “big picture” lens more often!

Pretty neat, huh?

Ok, so tell me.  Did you get the number of ball passes right?  Did you see the gorilla?  Did you notice the girl on the black team leave?  Did you notice the background color change?

By Parita

2 thoughts on “Monkey Business”
  1. I saw the gorilla the first go-round when it started beating its chest…and it made me miscount the number of passes! haha. You can’t focus on everything, I guess.
    And I didn’t notice the other changes at all.

    1. You’re definitely right – we can’t focus on everything. This video proves it! My problem is that I get so fixated on one thing, I totally miss everything else!

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