So I had this master plan to share the details of my trip to Chicago with pictures, restaurant reviews (I’ve been eating some gooooood food!), etc.

But it’s not going to happen.

No worries.  Everything is fine.  Better than fine actually.  This trip has been great so far!

In fact, I’ve been enjoying myself so much that the idea of documenting the trip has taken a backseat.  I literally have one Chicago picture on my phone, and I took it as we were about to land on Tuesday morning.


The fact that I’m having so much fun and forgetting to take pictures for the blog and social media reminds me that sometimes the best pictures are the ones you mentally take for yourself.

However, if I did have pictures to share, they would showcase the beautiful city of Chicago and all the amazing food I’ve been eating.  It really has been a great trip so far!

Happy Thursday!

By Parita

4 thoughts on “An Undocumented Trip”
  1. LOVE this! As amazing as pictures are, sometimes it’s nice to live life first-hand i.e. rather than through a camera lens. Glad you are having a wonderful trip, P!

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