Happy Fourth of July! I hope your weekend is full of good people and good food (my favorite things!).

Fireworks - 4th of July 
The following [Friday] things are making me extra happy and excited for the next couple of months!

With it being the 4th of July, I (along with a lot of other people) have the day off! We don’t have anything too exciting planned for today or the weekend, but it was just nice to sleep in a little.

Soooo…The Mindy Project. Last time I checked in, I was a few episode in to the first season. As of today, I am done with Season 1. I know, I know! This is me though. When I get really into something (aka obsessed), I am all in. Call me crazy…I own it!

Side braids have been by saving grade in the gross humid weather we’ve been experiencing. My coworker, Thea, and my sister have inspired me to embrace the braid! And the best part is that with the help of a little anti-frizz cream and bobby pins, it’s a totally professional look!

side braid 
This past Monday was our second wedding anniversary and TODAY is our nine year dating anniversary! While we aren’t celebrating until after Vishnu’s boards, I’ll probably spend a good portion of the day reminiscing.

p&v 2005 
July 4, 2005!!!

Normal (not Focus T25) strength training is back in my life, and I’m loving it!!! I did a Best Body Bootcamp full body “pull” workout on Wednesday and a full body “push” workout today. Ummm…I’m sore and so happy! And this time around, I’m using heavier dumbbells and focusing on my form more than anything.

I am heading to Chicago next week for a work related training and am very much looking forward to seeing my coworkers! It’s been too long.

From Chicago, I’ll actually be headed back to Atlanta for nine days. I’m going to spend a few days at home with my parents…and then I’ll be fully immersed in Roshni and Samir’s wedding celebrations!!! My best friends are getting married!!!!! AHHHHH!

Team RSVP 
Then in August I’m* going to have a few visitors. My friend Purvi is coming down for a girls’ weekend, and I can’t wait to show her my hood! A week or so later my parents are coming down to visit me for about 10 days. Woot woot!

*I say “I” because Vishnu will be doing an away rotation in August. So glad to be having visitors while he’s gone.

Have a great weekend!

By Parita

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites”
  1. I need to try embracing the side braid! With the monsoons in full swing now in Mumbai, I don’t know how my hair is going to manage. Between the braid and Moroccan oil, hopefully it will hold up like a champ :)! Sounds like you have a super fun July & August coming up- are you dancing at the wedding?

    1. If there is the slightest bit of humidity, I have to put my hair up. And now that my hair is longer, the side braid works so well!

      And I am dancing at the wedding! I can’t wait!!! Will share any videos that people capture!

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