If we were having milk and cookies on this fabulous Friday, I would first tell you about the Great Harvest Baking Company I discovered next to my dermatologist’s office. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been going to this particular doctor since February but only noticed the bakery this week. Better late than never because the baked goods are out of this world. When the kind man at the counter offered to let me try a piece of the Blueberry Cream Cheese scone and the Dakota bread, how could I say no? And obviously I couldn’t leave without buying one of each! So so good! If there is a Great Harvest located near where you live, please check it out. You won’t regret it!

If we were having milk and cookies , I would also tell you about how awesome the new X-men movie is. We went to go see it this past Monday with Robin and Andy, and all four of us were fans. I would highly recommend watching or having someone give you a play by play of X-men: First Class beforehand though. If Vishnu and Andy hadn’t suggested watching it on Saturday, I would’ve been completely lost.

If we were having milk and cookies, we would also talk about how Vishnu and I are headed back to Atlanta in two weeks (for less than 48 hours). The trip serves two purposes. First, we are attending a good friend’s wedding on Saturday. And second, we are downsizing to one car and need to bring Vishnu’s car back to his parents place until next year. Yes, you read that correctly. We are driving up to Atlanta in one go (talk about quality time!).

If we were having milk and cookies, I would talk your ear off about how much I love Groupon Goods! So far I’ve bought replacement heads for my Clarisonic ($11.99 for two!), workout tanks ($30 for 12), a belt to carry my keys/phone/whatever during my runs ($7.99), and full set of makeup brushes ($30). Great quality goods for a great price! Can’t beat that.

groupon goods tank tops
If we were having milk and cookies, I’d tell you about how I sent Vishnu to the grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner last Friday and how he came back with two different kinds of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – S’mores and Half Baked.  I didn’t complain because Half Baked is my absolute favorite.  Left unattended, I would probably make my way through the entire container in one sitting.  Just thinking about it makes me happy!

half baked B&J

If were having milk and cookies, I would tell you about how I’m working really really hard to cut back on my daily sugar consumption.  And as a result, my new favorite sweet snack is dates dipped in a little bit of peanut butter and topped with exactly three dark chocolate chips.  Sounds so strange but tastes so good!  Trust me on this one.

dates   peanut butter   chocolate chips
And finally, If we were having milk and cookies, I would share my excitement about tonight’s date night. Vishnu and I are going to Andiamo’s to stuff our faces with pizza! In fact, it’s been voted one of Miami’s best pizza places! I’ve been waiting all week for this pizza to spend quality time with Vishnu. Haha.

What would you tell me if we were having milk and cookies today?

By Parita

10 thoughts on “If We were Having Milk and Cookies…”
  1. way to cover all my fav things in one post! I was introduced to Great Harvest the first time I visited C’s fam in Minnesota a few years back and now I’m obsessed! Also X-men was unrealllll. I’m a huge fan of pretty much every Marvel comic and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Oh and need I add how much I love Half-Baked??
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…Best of May 2014My Profile

    1. We’re pretty much the same person! Haha. Did you stay until the very end of X-men? If not do a Google search for the very last scene…it’s epic!

    1. Perfect! Come on over 🙂

      Have fun with your in laws! And here’s to lots of great meals to come!

  2. If we were having milk & cookies, I would ask you if you’ve tried the Milk & Cookies Ben & Jerry’s flavor! I haven’t yet but I am dying to! I would also tell you that I currently heated up my milk! I bought a packet of chocolate almond milk and have been turning it into hot chocolate, courtesy of the microwave- such a yummy way to warm down! If we were having milk & cookies, I’d also make sure the latter were Oreos to satisfy my current craving!

    1. Of course I’d have Oreos ready for you! Come on over!

      And I love the idea of using chocolate almond milk to create hot chocolate. In the US we have a dark chocolate almond milk that is insane – more reason for you to visit!

    1. I haven’t tried the core flavors yet! I don’t think you can go wrong with any B&J ice cream!

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