The Alpha phase of Focus T25 is OVER!  I am so happy because the workouts were starting to get repetitive, and I desperately needed a change.

With that being said, I am currently three workouts in to the Beta phase and holy moly…it’s just a little more intense than the Alpha phase.  Just a little.  More on that next week!

What week five looked like:

Monday – Total Body Circuit + a 2 mile leisurely post dinner walk
Tuesday – 3.25 mile run
Wednesday – Total Body Circuit
Thursday – Abs interval + 2 mile run
Friday – Total Body Circuit
Saturday – 45 minute treadmill walk (alternating speed and incline)
Sunday – REST!

*For a more detailed explanation of what each workout entails, please read my week one post.

I really wanted to run on Tuesday, so I switched up a couple of workouts to accommodate.  I was supposed to do Cardio on Thursday but substituted a run and the Abs workout.  I also completely axed the Lower Focus workout that was to follow the Total Body Circuit on Friday…just wasn’t feeling it!  The bottom line is that (in my personal opinion) this program is what you make of it!

As far as measurements go, I did measure myself at the end of the week, but there were no major changes.  Maybe a quarter to a half inch off here and there.  Maybe.

This brings me to what I blogged about last week – my portion control problem.  I’ve been paying more attention to my serving sizes and satiety levels, and guess what…the “I think I’m going to blow up” feeling hasn’t happened once.  Woot!  I’ll share some of my tactics in a later post (want to be sure it’s something I stick with).

And finally, I thought I’d share five random takeaways from the last five weeks.

  1. It is possible to sweat buckets in just 25 minutes.
  2. When it comes to changing the look of your body, both diet and exercise obviously matter.  However, I’m convinced that diet matters a tiny bit more.
  3. Your legs and butt will get a major workout in the Alpha phase.  I keep asking Vishnu if he thinks my butt looks bigger.  He thinks it’s a trick question.  Haha.
  4. It is possible to do Focus T25 and incorporate other forms of exercise.  For me this was running, but from the forums I’ve read, others have been fine with additional exercise in the form of weightlifting, spinning, yoga, etc.
  5. You are a lot stronger than you think.  When I started this program, I had no idea how I was going to get through some of the more challenging workouts, but I did…albeit a lot slower than Shaun T., but I did it.

Have a great Wednesday!

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By Parita

10 thoughts on “Focus T25 – Week 5 (Alpha)”
  1. P, they need to endorse you for this- I am this close to getting it- I need a change in fitness plans and this, condensed workout yet allows you to sweat buckets? Genius.

    Keen to hear how this mentality has changed regarding portion control!
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…butter cravingsMy Profile

    1. Let’s talk before you do. I only say that because the first phases is 100% cardio and bodyweight type stuff. A couple of the Beta workouts require dumbbells…finally!!

  2. Yayyy congrats, P…I am SO proud of you for completing the program! From past workout programs like Body for Life, I found that I only saw aesthetic results when I paid attention to my diet. I’ve been putting off my run all evening but this gave me the push to get out the door- thanks :-)!
    Khushboo recently posted…A quick breakfastMy Profile

    1. Not quite done yet!! I have 5 more weeks – just different workouts now! So far so good though!

      And glad you were able to make it out for a run. 🙂

  3. Hi. I just wanted to know, If in any case you felt a bit more tired in week 5 than week 1? Even though your intensity, form and reps are increasing? I think its just me, and again I have no one to work out with so it’s a bit tricky.

    1. Hi Arjun! Great question – so when I look back on the Alpha phase, I do remember being a little more tired in week 5. I think the main one was because week 5 has you doing 3 Total Body workouts. Also, I think I was getting mentally tired (which also showed up physically) with the repetition. And honestly, whenever I start a new workout routine, I am always less tired in the beginning. I think the excitement of something new keeps me feeling energized! I hope that helps!! And good luck with Beta!

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