Week 4 of Focus T25 was a bit tough.  But not in the physical sense, more so mentally.  I just wasn’t motivated to get up and FOCUS.  But I did, and now that it’s over, I’m glad!

So here’s what week 4 looked like –

Monday – Cardio + 2 mile run
Tuesday – Total Body Circuit
Wednesday – Much needed rest day
Thursday – Lower Body + 2 mile walk
Friday – Total Body Circuit
Saturday – Abs Interval + Speed 1.0
Sunday – (Mostly) rest day

*For a more detailed explanation of what each workout entails, please read my week one post.

I had to deviate a bit from the original schedule come Wednesday because just the thought of Shaun T and T25 made me want to stay in bed!  More than that, my left knee was hurting a little.  And the thought of going back to the days where any kind of activity made my knee hurt scares me…A LOT!  So, I listened to my body and took a rest day.  Good decision on my part!

Other than that, things are going well.  I can get through the workouts, with the exception of Total Body Circuit, without taking any breaks.  And I’m still trying to fit in a run when I can.  As far as measurements are concerned, I forgot to measure myself this weekend, but to be honest, I’m not seeing any changes yet.  We’ll see…

I’m honestly really looking forward to starting the Beta phase now.  It’s not that I’m bored with the Alpha workouts, but I’m at the point where a change of pace would be nice.  One more week!

* * * * *

Lifestyle Accountability Podcast

So I completely forgot to mention this on the blog, but I was interviewed by Devon and Adam, the brothers behind the Lifestyle Accountability Podcast, a month or so ago.  My podcast went live the week I was in NYC.  If you have a spare minute…or 20…check it out.  I was really nervous to listen to the full interview, but aside from a “few” ums and some rambling, I did ok!

How many rest days do you usually take per week?

And just in case you’re interested in my weekly recaps…

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By Parita

8 thoughts on “FOCUS T25 – WEEK 4 (ALPHA)”
  1. It’s good to see you listening to your body, P…sometimes sleep trumps exercise, especially if the latter is only going to leave your body is exhausted! I usually take 2 full rest days a week and that seems to keep me energised, both physically and mentally :)!

  2. I have been bad with the rest days – when I am stressed I count on cardio to get me through. Congrats on the podcast – so exciting Parita! And congrats on finishing the Alpha – looking forward to your take on Beta.
    Shashi @ RunninSrilankan recently posted…Chocolate Soup!My Profile

  3. So I am on my last day of week 4 alpha – have to say seems like I have gotten better at the workout .. Not seeing too much weight loss though – have lost 5lbs but can definitely see and feel the inch loss !

    1. That’s amazing, Shilpa! Even though I finished the program itself over a year ago, I still go back and do some of my favorite T25 workouts when I want to change things up! Glad you’re loving it and seeing results!

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