As you all know, week three of T25 was done in my tiny NYC hotel room. In fact, as soon as I walked into my room on Sunday morning, I looked to see if I had enough space for it! Thankfully, I did. In case anyone is wondering – all your need is about 4’x6’!

NYC Focus T25 1

Monday – Total Body Circuit
Tuesday – Speed 1.0
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Lower Focus
Friday – Cardio
Saturday – Total Body Circuit + Ab Intervals
Sunday – Rest

*For a more detailed explanation of what each workout entrails, please read my week one post.

I had to alter the schedule a little bit because by Wednesday my legs were screaming. I think it had to do with all the walking we did Sunday-Tuesday. This actually worked out well for a few reasons. One, our conference was on Wednesday, and we had an earlier than usual start time that morning. And two, I didn’t like doing Total Body on the hardwood floor, and I’m pretty sure I would’ve HATED doing the Abs workout on the floor as well.

NYC Focus T25 2

Speaking of hardwood floors, I really thought I was going to receive a complaint from the hotel. I tried my best to minimize the noise, but that’s hard to do when so many of the moves require jumping. Luckily, no one complained. Although, I’m pretty sure the people in the rooms below and next to me probably wanted to!

My philosophy on food and exercise when travelling

Something else I wanted to talk about in this post is my philosophy on food and exercise when travelling (infrequently and for shorter periods of time). So in general, I am a huge believer that you can’t out exercise a bad diet. However, when travelling, my views change a little. Personally, I try to fit in some intentional activity (~30-45 minutes worth), and I eat as well as I can.

If you take this trip as an example, my exercise routine consisted of four T25 workouts and lots of walking. I did what I could. As far as what I ate was concerned, I didn’t sweat it at all. Along with our morning juices, we also ate lots of delicious and decadent things throughout the day. I made good choices when I could and wanted to, but otherwise I didn’t think twice about what was healthy and what wasn’t. I was in NYC after all!

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying all discretion should go out the window when travelling. But rather, when you’re exploring a new city, it’s best to put thoughts about nutrition and health on the back burner. If the city you’re visiting is known for the BEST [insert food here], make sure you eat it…multiple times if possible! And if you can fit in a workout great, if not, get some activity in a different way. I know it’s easier said than done, but life is too short to miss out on delicious food and stress about exercise!

My thoughts on this completely align with my general eating out philosophy too. If you’re going to eat out, eat out (especially if you only do so once a week or so). Get the starter salad if you want but also order the pizza or the burger or the [insert food]. If not, what’s the point of eating out? Life is too short, people!

You can always revert back to healthy habits when you’re back home, but you won’t always have the opportunity to explore and enjoy different cities and cuisines. Enjoy it while you can!

Anyways, just something that was on my mind after a week away from home. Thanks for reading my random ramblings!

Does your food and exercise philosophy change when travelling?

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By Parita

6 thoughts on “Focus T25 – Week 3 (Alpha)”
  1. Love this post and your outlook and I couldn’t agree more! When I’m at home, I make healthy choices but if I’m out, I will go ahead with the more indulgent options if I feel like it. Food is definitely part of the fun of going out and isn’t that where the whole “balance” & “healthy mindset” kicks in. I used to go out and order egg white omelet and pasta in marinara sauce as as they were “safe” options but fortunately those days are long gone- if I can make it at home, I’m not going to pay a restaurant to serve it up to me. As for travelling, I like to make healthy choices when I can but at the same time, there are definitely more treats thrown in..isn’t the whole part of a vacation to branch out of normal life! I want to explore a city as much as I can and that means through its food too- healthy or not! Fortunately that also means walking as much as possible to take in the sights!

  2. I totally agree with you!! I’m all for indulging a little when I’m traveling. You’re experiencing a new city and probably a new culture! I think it’s an opportunity to relax a little on healthy eating 🙂 I was in Texas earlier this week and I couldn’t resist a breakfast taco! 😉 I also think that layering in exercise (and lots of walking!) is a good way to not go overboard and still feel great!
    Liz @ I Heart Vegetables recently posted…5 Healthy Smoothie RecipesMy Profile

  3. “life is too short to miss out on delicious food” – Oh heck yeah!
    I totally agree – I do indulge when I am travelling or eating out – but only if it’s something I really want. As for exercise – I think I end up getting more in when I travel, because we walk EVERYWHERE! The first time I went to NYC, we walked from Harlem thru the Upper East thru Midtown thru Gramercy thru the East Village thru Lower East thru Chinatown/Little Italy thru Soho thru Tribeca and the Financial District before taking the subway into Brooklyn; and then when we went to San Fran, we walked from Pier 52 thru the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito – best way to see a place 🙂
    Shashi @ RunninSrilankan recently posted…Freekehlicious Foods & A Mystery Revealed @ WIAW!My Profile

  4. The fact that you could do this workout in an NYC hotel room makes me feel like even my shoebox could potentially handle it… tempted!

    Very true about travel and your choices- I remember wasting a trip once focusing too much on ‘being clean’ that it made me HATE the country I travelled. I now associate it with bad memories which is something I’d never do again
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…The 3 F’s with Niki- D Grade Carbornara satisfies cravingsMy Profile

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