. Not having concrete plans this weekend was a little weird…and VERY awesome!  There is something magical about knowing you have two days to do whatever makes your heart happy. 

In this week’s Par’s Picks post, I mentioned that I had big plans to do absolutely nothing.  Well, almost nothing.  I listed a few things that I wanted to accomplish, and I really thought that by the end of Sunday I would be able to cross each one off my list.  Let’s see how I did.

The first thing on my list was sleep.  And I think I can safely say that I slept a lot this weekend.  In fact, at one point, Vishnu looked at me (quite seriously) and said, “Par, I think you have a sleeping problem.”  I looked at him (also quite seriously) and said, “I don’t have a sleeping problem, I had a sleep deficit problem and am working on fixing that.” 

And anyway, this picture tells quite a different story… 🙂

Weekend 1 
Next on my list was a long run.  Well, I did go for a run, but it wasn’t as long as I had planned.  Instead of running 5 miles, I completed 4 before heading home.  I didn’t make it out until about 9 am, and by that time, it was WAY too hot outside.  It’s definitely summertime in Miami again!  With that being said, I may move my long run day to Tuesday instead of Saturday.  If I have to get up super early to fit it in, I’d rather do it during the week. 

I also wanted to fit in some serious reading time this weekend.  And I am happy to report that I was able to do that!  I’m currently reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  My friend and former colleague Allison recommend it, and since I trust her taste in books, I decided to download it onto my Kindle.  I am 100% engrossed in the book and have had a hard time putting it down. 

Also on my list was a major closet cleanout.  Sadly, this just didn’t happen.  And I have nothing to blame but my laziness.  That and the fact that our bedroom also serves as Vishnu’s study space.  And with a big exam coming up next week, he really needed some quiet time.  I figured the closet cleanout could wait until next weekend.  That way Vishnu can help without any distractions (you’re welcome, Vishnu!).

And the last thing on my list was a trip to Trader Joe’s.  You better believe this happened!  I woke up at 7:30 am on Sunday morning, brushed my teeth, made myself look presentable, and drove 20 minutes to the grocery store.  The whole process is a little time consuming but well worth the effort.  TJ’s is so much cheaper than Publix.  And I love that I don’t have to compromise on quality.  I’m going to share some of my favorite TJ’s products in an upcoming post.  We have quite a few!

Making delicious food wasn’t on my list but it happened!  On Saturday night I made eggplant/veggie parm.  We invited Andy over for dinner since Robin is out of town.  I think it’s safe to say that we were all satisfied!

Weekend 2 
I also spent a good portion of Sunday afternoon baking up a storm.  I made honey maple granola, sweet and spicy nuts (I used a mix of cashews and almonds), and banana bread muffin tops.  Everything turned out so well.  Excited for the week ahead!

Weekend 3 
Well, that was my weekend.  I’m happy with how much I was able to accomplish.  Let’s hope the work week is just as productive!

Happy Monday!

What were some of your weekend highlights? 

By Parita

14 thoughts on “Did I Do What I Said I Was Going To Do?”
  1. Parita I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden I stopped getting your posts in my email.I had to sign up again.Thanks

    1. So I accidentally deleted all my subscribers and have no clue how to bring everyone back. 🙁 Thank you for signing up again!! That means a lot! I will remind people in my next post.

    1. Take some time out for yourself, D! Even if it’s just a few hours one weekend. You’ll feel so refreshed.

    1. The weather in Atl has been nuts! It’s warm one day and cold the next. The inconsistency would drive me crazy. Here it’s just HOT. LOL!

    1. Oh fun! I need some pointers on…well, anything hosting related! I love having people over but am terrible with presentation.

  2. Love your follow through Parita! I also get to TJ’s right when it opens…to avoid the lines and to actually find bananas and apples that aren’t picked over. 🙂
    Ameena recently posted…my 38thMy Profile

    1. It’s so annoying when you go to a grocery store and they’re out of everything you want. That happened to me the first time I went! Now I will only go right when it opens!

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