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Tough Mudder
Yep.  I am participating in the South Florida Tough Mudder event.

Tough Mudder is an endurance event where participants attempt (and hopefully complete!) military style obstacles over the course of 10-12 miles.

Now, I should mention that no real thought went into signing up.  Let me explain…

While we were on our way to the Pretty Muddy event back in December, Andy mentioned putting a team together for the Tough Mudder.  I laughed and said, “No way am I doing that.”  We talked about it some more, got to the event, and forgot all about it (or so I thought).

Fast forward to this past Wednesday.  We got a text from Andy saying that he and Robin signed up for the Tough Mudder, and if we wanted to take advantage of the special pricing, we needed to register that very night.  After looking at the date again, Vishnu was out (he has a bachelor party to go to).  I, on the other hand, was thinking I would go as a spectator and cheer on R&A.  I texted back saying just that.

Tough mudder convo
My friends (and husband) can be convincing.  I signed up about 10 minutes later.

The only thing keeping me from freaking out is that it’s still 3 months (ish) away.  This means I still have time to train and get TOUGH!

So here’s what I’m thinking in terms of training…

I have Best Body Bootcamp for the next eight weeks, which is perfect because it will help tremendously in the muscle department.  And this time around, I plan on increasing the weights I use a little at a time to build my strength up slowly.  Tina’s workouts incorporate all kinds of training techniques and muscle groups, so I know I’ll be as well prepared as possible.

There’s also a little running involved (!), so I have to build up my mileage.  Since the day of running will be broken up by the obstacles, I want to get to a point where I can run 7-8 miles and feel good.  Feeling good is key since this isn’t for time!

Here’s what this week’s workouts look like:

MONDAY: Upper body + core; 20 minutes light cardio (elliptical)
TUESDAY: 3.5 mile run
WEDNESDAY: Lower body + core; 20 minutes light cardio (elliptical)
FRIDAY: Full body circuit; 2 mile run
SATURDAY: 4.5 mile run

My three main goals going into this thing are to feel confident, to avoid injury, and to have fun!

I plan on blogging about my journey on a weekly basis (ish).  Since Wednesday, I’ve had a lot of thoughts about facing fears, being more adventurous, etc.  I’ll be sharing more on all of that as well!

Let’s hope I’m this enthusiastic in three months.  Ha!

Happy Monday!

Have you done the Tough Mudder?  Any tips?  What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? I would have to say sky diving.  I did it with one of my best friends.  No one expected it from us.  And it was AWESOME!

By Parita

14 thoughts on “Jumping on the (Crazy) Tough Mudder Train”
    1. Thanks, D! I am really really excited. I’ll definitely post a lot about it over the next few months. It’ll be fun to look back on years from now!

  1. Good for you!!! I did it in ATL. Just make sure your endurance is up… and be ready for anything mentally. It’s nothing like these other fun-run mud races. The hardest thing for me was swimming in ICE water (they were literally dumping ice into it in Feb!).
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Mexican Chicken SoupMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Laura! I am going to work on endurance and strength! I may email you if I have any questions – hope you don’t mind!

  2. Sooo proud of you, Par! You’re gonna kill it! I haven’t done anything like this before, but I’ve seen friends pictures who have done it. It seems pretty intense, but also seems exhilarating! Will be cheering you on from Michigan! <3
    Aparna B. recently posted…Way Rad Bowl of PastaMy Profile

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