I was recently contacted by RedEnvelope and asked to participate in their Relax with RedEnvelope campaign. The idea is to create and write about a “me moment” by combining a few of their beautiful gift ideas.

What’s a “me moment” you ask? Well, it’s essentially a YOU day. If you could treat yourself in the most perfect way, how would you do so?

Kind of fun dreaming that up, huh?!

What’s RedEnvelope, you ask? It’s an online retailer offering unique gifts for pretty much every occasion possible. I kind of fell in love with quite a few things. *Hint, hint!*

Anyways, before I browsed RedEnvelope’s gift page, I designed the perfect “me moment” in my head. I then went through the site and found a few items that fit my vision and/or added to it.

Ok, so the theme of my day would be relaxation.

First, I would sleep in…or not set an alarm clock at the very least. Waking up when you’re good and ready is the best way to kick off a relaxing day.

The next best way? To indulge your feet with super soft, super comfortable slippers. I absolutely hate it when my feet are cold, especially first thing in the morning. And slippers are a better way to treat yourself versus thick (ugly) white socks.

cashmere ballet slippers

comfort slippers

After completing my morning ritual, I would make myself a cup of coffee and a nice big bowl of hot oatmeal, topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Breakfast is a requirement even on the most relaxing days.

Next, depending on my mood, I would either get comfortable with my Kindle for a few hours or watch TV – either Food Network, HGTV, or Friends reruns. Remember, I said relaxing, not exciting!

My “me moment” wouldn’t be complete without some activity, so I’d try to fit in an extra-long walk along the water. Maybe even grab a light lunch at my favorite café afterwards.

Eventually, I would come home, shower and get dressed. But not to go out again or anything like that. I would slip into some freshly washed PJs. I could honestly live in comfortable clothes, but work and stuff gets in the way of that dream!


When dinner time rolled around, I would take my time making something really rich and extraordinary. Something I don’t make often. And I would savor every bit of my meal via candlelight. Just me, my food, and a beautifully scented candle.

And of course, I need my chocolate nightcap. How delicious does this treat look (chocolate covered Oreos)? I’ll take 100.

chocolate covered oreos

My day would end with some more TV and reading while wrapped up in my favorite blanket.

And then? Time for bed. All that relaxing made me tired!

***Vishnu would be welcome to join me on “my” day, but he would have to follow my rules. Basically, there would be no sports talk, no car talk, no technology talk allowed. Also, he would not be allowed to wake me up the way he usually does when he’s up and bored. And finally, he would have zero control over what shows we watched. That’s all!

I was not compensated for this post in any way, and none of the pictures/links are affiliate links.  I just thought it was a fun campaign to participate in.  As always, all opinions are my own!

What would your “me moment” look like? Would you invite your significant other along or would it be about you and only you?

By Parita

11 thoughts on “My Perfect “Me Day””
  1. I loooove Red Envelope! I had thought about getting our wedding favors from that site when we were wedding planning! Let me just reiterate this again: WHY DON’T WE LIVE CLOSER?! My FAVORITE “relax and do nothing TV shows” are HGTV, Food Network or any Friends re-run all day every day! Friends is the best show haha. A perfect me-day would be very similar to you, except I would get up earlier than usual just so I’d have the whole day to myself! I’d want to go downtown in Ann Arbor, get coffee at a local shop, walk around browsing the local shops and see if I can find something unique to add to the house. And then go to Home Goods, World Market and Pier 1 to continue shopping for items and furniture for my house! I’d definitely want to get brunch at my favorite spot here in A2 at some point in that day and then spend the rest of the day at home, with the dog and hubby reading or working on editing photos. I hope we both get some me-days like that soon! <3
    Aparna B. recently posted…Vegetarian Lasagna SoupMy Profile

  2. I never heard of that site before, but I love their cashmere slippers! Although, I could not imagine spending close to $100 just to wear them in my house!

    I love your requirements for Vishnu, I would not have the patience during my ‘me’ day!
    Tara recently posted…Oh, New YorkMy Profile

    1. Yes, price was the only thing that got me about all the gifts I wanted – a tad too high for my budget! But a girl can dream!

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