While I did go to work last week, I feel like today kicks off the first real work week of the new year.  In some ways, I’m really looking forward to it – new goals, new projects, new responsibilities, etc.  And on the other hand, I wish there was a way to re-live the past few weeks.  That’s life I suppose!

Vishnu and I had grand plans to do absolutely nothing on Friday night.  At one point, I think I said, “Can we just sit on the couch in our PJs and watch a movie?”  We ate dinner and settled in to do just that when Vishnu got a text from Robin.  She wanted us to join her and Andy along with their friends Chris and Elizabeth for free drinks at the soft opening of Porcao, a new local restaurant.  Who was I to say no to a night out with friends…or a free glass of wine.

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After an hour and a half or so, someone suggested we go back to one of our apartments and play Cards Against Humanity.  Vishnu and I offered to host at our place, and this time I was determined not to fall asleep!

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You guys!  This game is a riot!  We played for a few hours and had an absolute blast.  There were quite a few rounds where I told everyone not to judge me.  Ha!  Remember, you have to play with people who are not easily offended.  That is key!

It goes without saying that Saturday morning was a little slow moving, both because we didn’t make it to bed until past midnight and also because my calves were killing me.  Walking was painful most of the day.  Not quite sure what’s going on.  It’s hard for me to believe that 30 minutes of incline walking on Friday made my calves THAT sore.  Vishnu thinks it’s all related to my lack of post-workout stretching.  He may be right.  Let’s add “stretch after every workout” to my list of New Year’s goals.

Anyways, I cleaned (as much as my calves would allow) and meal planned Saturday morning while Vishnu studied.  In the early afternoon, we drove up to Fort Lauderdale.  The plan was to spend a couple hours running errands and then head over to our friends Khusbu and Adam’s place for dinner.  Errands included buying new running shoes for Vishnu (I think I was more excited than he was!), buying more than we intended to at Costco, and getting a few essentials at Target.  After all that was over and done with, we headed to K & A’s apartment.  I was so excited to see them because they recently got engaged!  I know.  So exciting!  We spent the first half of the night talking about the proposal and wedding stuff, and the second half of the night was spent watching football.  Give and take…I suppose!

Sunday started with less pain in my calves and brunch at the Conrad hotel with a couple of my coworkers.  After brunch, I drove to the mall to return some stuff.  Umm…holy sales!  I was not expecting all the 50, 60, and 70% off signs.  Good thing Vishnu and I just talked about SAVING MONEY in 2014.  Ha!

After the mall, I made a pit stop at Trader Joe’s.  The store actually opened in October, which is when I intended to go, but as luck would have it, my first trip happened almost three months later.  Needless to say, it was a zoo in there.  I still managed to leave with quite a few things, including…

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I’ve been wanting to try this stuff for ages.  It was well worth the wait!  I posted this picture on IG last night, and someone recommended I check out this cookie butter stuffed cookie recipe.  All I can say is YES, and thank you, Amy!  I will be making these very soon.

The rest of my Sunday included cleaning and organizing the refrigerator, the spice cabinet, and the pantry.  It feels so good to start the year a little extra organized.  Next week we tackle our bedroom (much to Vishnu’s dismay)!

Also, did y’all get a chance to watch Jimmy Fallon’s special last night?  He is SO talented.  I’m excited about the change with him taking over The Tonight Show. 

And one final thing.  My mom and sister told me that all of my pre-blog transfer pictures are now missing.  Eeek!  Something was bound to go wrong.  Anyone else have this issue when transferring?  I hope to have it fixed this week.  *Fingers crossed!*

Ok, this has turned out to be quite a long post.  Time to call it quits.

Happy Monday, y’all!

Have you played Cards Against Humanity before?  Thoughts?
What’s your favorite thing to buy at Trader Joe’s?

By Parita

15 thoughts on “Weekend Things”
  1. That cookie butter should be illegal, it’s that good. Your morning oatmeal will rise to a whole new level with this magical thing. I have been caught diving into the jar with just a spoon hand 🙂
    Priyanka recently posted…Seitan lettuce cupsMy Profile

    1. I’m waiting until the weekend to make a huge bowl of oatmeal and top it with my new find! The weekdays are too rush rush. This is something I definitely want to savor!

  2. Cards Against Humanity definitely isn’t for the weak of heart — but it’s an absolute riot and a good way to teach people not take things too seriously and have a little fun 😀 And I’m not quite sure how I feel about this Monday, to be honest. I was super excited to get back into a routine, but now that I’m in it, I want the holidays again! The grass is always greener… 🙄
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. 29 things about my 29th birthday .My Profile

    1. The game is a great way to teach people to chill out. Haha! Even still, I can’t imagine playing with people who take it too seriously. That would zap the fun right out of it.

  3. I’ve never heard of Cards Against Humanity- I’ll have to hunt it down I’ve seen it all over the blog world. As for that cookie butter- I smuggled one jar from the States and am kicking myself over not buying more…Glad you ventured out. I mean, free alcohol? Hello?

    1. YOU would love CAG. It’s such a fun game – so simple in concept yet such a riot!

      And right…who turns down a free glass of wine? Not this girl!

  4. I loooove that game! I first played it NYE 2012 at my sister’s in Chicago and it was so much fun. I finally bought my own deck and it always makes an appearance at any get togethers we go to or host. I love love LOVE Cookie Butter! I haven’t bought it in a while, but man, that thing is addicting and so delicious. I’m glad you’re keeping to your goals! And I would be excited about new running shoes too 😉 hehe. I’ve missed you girl! <3 I need to play some SERIOUS catch up on your posts!
    Aparna B. recently posted…Hello 2014!My Profile

    1. HELLO!!! How have you been? Happy 2014, Par!

      I think Vishnu and I are at the point where we need to just buy our own deck as well. Those cards would go everywhere with us!

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