Vishnu and I watched an inspiring video the other day titled “What if Money Was No Object.”

The basic premise is if we do what we love the money will come.

When I first watched the video, I nodded my head in agreement the entire time. Then the next day, after I had the chance to think about it a little more, I thought, “Well, that’s a lot easier said than done.”

Sure, for some people pursing their passion (as a career) is a completely viable option because a support system is in place to catch them if they fall. For others, passion gets pushed to the wayside because there are mouths to feed and bills that need to be paid. And yet others are really just not sure what they want to do/be “when they grow up.”

Personally, when I think about doing what makes my heart happy, the word RISK is the first thing to pop up in my mind, quickly followed by a lot of other not so positive words. Why? Honestly…because money is an object right now. Maybe not as big of an issue for us as it is for other people, but Vishnu and I would have to rethink pretty much everything, from the purchases we make to where we live, if I decided turn my passions into a full-time job.

But here’s the thing – just because some of us aren’t 100% pursuing our passions right now doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate them into our lives in other ways. And passion doesn’t have to equal money…at least not right away.

For example, if you love to paint but are stuck in an 8-5 job that has nothing to do with art, paint at night or on the weekends. Perhaps you can teach a class and make a little cash on the side. Or maybe you really enjoy writing but find that it isn’t a necessary skill in your full-time job. In that case, you can write a personal blog. Or you can just start typing and see where that takes you. Who knows, you may author the next big novel!  And if you don’t know what the heck your passions are, think about what you enjoy, find a way to explore further and try something new.

Additionally, maybe you love to volunteer but find that your full-time job and familial responsibilities leave no time to give back. If this is the case, start a clothing/food drive at work. Think of all the people you can help!

And finally, if you think there is the slightest possibility that your passion can be translated over to your current job, speak up! Be your own advocate and showcase the value you bring.

In any of these situations, what’s the worst thing that can happen? I promise you…nothing that bad.

I fully agree with Mr. Watts that we should think about how we really enjoying spending our time and do more of whatever that is. However, I don’t believe an all or nothing approach is the only way to go. Money is an object for some of us, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, that doesn’t mean your passions can’t co-exist with the rest of your life. If something brings you happiness, find a way to keep it alive. And maybe, just maybe, something great will come of it (maybe even something that will pay the bills)!

By Parita

4 thoughts on “Because Money Is An Object”
  1. I totally agree with your perspective, and sometimes it’s frustrating to see people who have the opportunity to do things like that, and think “why can’t i?” but I have to remember we’re all in different places and we’re in these places for a reason! I also think you’re totally right that we can pursue our passions in other avenues 🙂

  2. I actually thought about the same thing yesterday. I know a lawyer who makes a ton of money, but he never has time to use it. I’m talking almost seven days of week and 12+ hours a day. What’s the point of having so many numbers in your bank account if you can’t enjoy it?

  3. The people who say do what you love and the money will come are people who are “loaded.” Point blank. I know quite a few people like this who are in their 20s and searching for the meaning of life, who have quit their jobs and have decided to figure out what they wanna do. These are the people still living at home with mommy/daddy who still pay their bills and send them on vacations.
    1. i don’t believe everyone can do what they love and make money from it. You can sure make money, but it may not be enough to survive.
    2. I think the key is as you said is working and hopefully it’s something you like, and then pursuing your passion on the side.
    I quit my job a couple years ago if you remember and i stayed home to pursue my blog, luckily my husband was supportive, but I also had my security cushion so I wasn’t relying on him for everything.
    Good post.

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