***I’m guessing Vishnu, my parents, my sister, and all my former roommates can relate to most if not all of these.  Actually, I’m sure of it!

If you lived with me, you would…

…learn very quickly that I am 100% a morning person and 0% a night person.

…laugh a lot. Probably because I laugh a lot, often in the middle of telling a funny (to me) story.

…be forced to dance with me in the middle of our living room at 7:00 pm. Or be forced to watch me hop around. It’s better to join me!

…have a lot of different nick names. I just came up with my 500th nickname for Vishnu this week.

…have to deal with me blogging about you every now and then…or all the time (sorry, Vishnu!).

…be forced to open about your emotions and other touchy feely things. I LOVE deep conversations.

…learn that I cry very easily. Just this weekend I burst into tears after finishing a book because the author killed off one of the main characters. Vishnu tried to console me but ended up laughing through his first awww.

…get a little freaked out because I sleep with my eyes open. Well, open enough to freak people out.

…be forced to try all the food I make, for better or for worse.

…be astonished by how much I really do love chocolate. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m obsessed with the stuff.

…see for yourself that I really am one of those psycho people that love to clean. Give me a vacuum and call me happy!

…see me in my ‘comfy clothes’ about 97% of the time.

…witness firsthand how much of a scaredy cat I am. Never mind, you don’t have to live with me to experience that.

…get a hug every time you saw me. I’m a hugger.

…be forced to watch Food Network and HGTV shows, in particular Chopped, Cupcake Wars, Property Brothers, and Love It or List It.


If we were roomies, what are some things I would learn about you?

By Parita

17 thoughts on “If You Lived With Me”
  1. Haha you sound like a fun roomie! If we were roomies, I’m pretty sure chocolate would dominate most of our grocery bill ;). If we were roomies, you would also learn that:

    *I am OCD when it comes to mess
    *I love lounging around in pyjama bottoms
    *It’s almost impossible for me to get ready without music playing in the background
    *I eat a lot of eggs

  2. I LOVE this post!!!! My former roommates have all commented on how I don’t like to talk about my feelings and can be a pretty closed book so I think we’d make an interesting pair! Mind if I borrow this idea for a post? I think it’s brilliant! Full credit to you of course 🙂

  3. Love this idea Parita! I kind of want to live with you now. Chopped is an essential in my house and we always have fun guessing who’s going to go home. Too bad I am not the best at figuring it out, or else I would start placing wagers.

    1. I would keep Chopped on at all times if Vishnu would let me! I love seeing how they use the weird ingredients to come up with unique dishes. Best show ever!

  4. Parita you sound like such a fun roommate… I’m like you in a lot of ways, so if we were roommates, we probably wouldn’t even grow and be so content with life. lol. You’d learn that I am not a morning person, totally a night owl. I love tea after dinner to calm me. Loved this post. Nice job!

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